Ripple (XRP) 2018 price prediction – The odd cryptocurrency

hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back to young and investing thanks for tuning in in this video we’re going to do another price prediction as you know I already did price predictions about Bitcoin about litecoin iota and neo and if you want to check them out they are on my channel so go check them out on my channel and right now I want to talk about another price prediction another cryptocurrency and that is Ripple so I want to talk about Ripple today and ripple is actually a very odd one compared to the other ones because ripple as you know is actually the one that is not really accepted by the entire community and ripple is also the one that works together with banks and that’s why they’re not accepted by the community but what you need to know about ripple is that it can be very unpredictable for me personally it’s very very unpredictable cryptocurrency so me personally I bought Ripple right here on 24th of March and then since then it immediately went up time sturdy from that point and only like a month time or something even it stopped even at 40 cents if you can if you see here let’s top so we’ll have a look so I bought right here and really immediately after it showed up to right here and yeah I talked over 40 cents but then the 17th of May that was before all the other old coins were doing well ripple was then the second biggest cryptocurrency just below Bitcoin so they were not a lot behind of Bitcoin actually in terms of market cap so but then since that moment it actually did the rest of the year it really did not a lot it just went up a little bit went down a little bit but it was very stable this was also a very good thing obviously because compared to other cryptocurrencies and bad times ripple is always more stable but as you can see right here it didn’t reached it all-time high again since actually two days ago so two days ago Ripple shoot up from 24 25 cents as high as right now 56 cents so with more than doubled and why I find this remarkable is because ripple didn’t react to some news which I thought was very huge so one month ago that was right here I think so or not even a month ago this probably could be here as well so one of these Peaks right here then the news was released that ripple had a partnership with American Express and we know that American Express is one of the biggest payment networks in the world so I thought this is a huge if this isn’t it not going to move Ripple then nobody is going to move Ripple if nothing is going to move Ripple but then suddenly out of nowhere ripple doubled in only a few hours of time actually so that was pretty crazy and we looked for some news and I saw that ripple had done some very successful tests that it proved that it could do in four seconds a transaction between the US and China so this US dollar is converted into x RP and x RP is converted into Chinese yen and this all in four seconds while it took days with the Swift Network which is now implemented in some banks still but wouldn’t ripple Network this is instead of base four seconds so that is also pretty cool but I mean this was already known that ripple was this fast so for me it was not really a surprise this news but suddenly out of nowhere the market reacted to this probably this is because all the cryptocurrencies doubled over the last few weeks actually so it could be just that as well but guys what I think about ripple what it will be worth in 2018 and why I think ripple will go to $2 but probably I think it won’t go higher than $2 and this will this will mean that we’ll have a market cap of around 80 billion depending on how much they bring into circulation because this will also lower the price a little bit if there comes more circulation to compensate it will probably get a lower price so the market cap probably around 80 billion I think could be a little bit more as well like I said depending on the circulating supply but $2 that is what I think it will reach and that’s times four so that’s a very careful prediction if we look to what I said for other cryptocurrencies I said times 8 times 10 sometimes times 5 but I think Ripple $2 is very reasonable and this is still because I think that ripple is very hard to to move in terms of price so they have a very very stable price and it is very unpredictable when the price will go up so I think personally right now ripple peaked at 56 cents so I don’t know if it’s just going to wait if ripple is going to keep up this price what I do think is that there used to be or actually until now the cryptocurrency industry or people investing in cryptocurrencies were people that really believed in the values of cryptocurrencies as well which were away from governments away from banks you know and these people weren’t really liking Ripple and this was probably also why the price didn’t really do a lot because people that were investing were people that were actually hating a little bit but from this moment onwards actually and also from next year there will be a lot more institutional investors in it and in crypto currency market and invest in it funds etc and these people they like banks they or at least they don’t care that a ripple is working with banks so they really don’t believe in the values of cryptocurrencies at all they’re just in it for the money that’s what institutions that funds will be for so that’s also that is why I think that ripple can reach for $2 so for me it’s really reason that we will see Ripple starting to move again but still I think that ripple is supported by a lot of banks etc and the price is a little bit keeping being kept stable actually so that’s why we also saw this very stable movements of ripple so that’s probably what is going to happen or what I think will happen with ripple so it will hit two dollars even though people are cryptocurrency investors now they really believe in the values and norms of cryptocurrencies the people that will be in the market they are just there to invest and they don’t care about the values and norms or they don’t care about cryptocurrencies working with banks etc what we also need to keep in mind for ripple is that it gots more and more competition of stellar lumens stellar lumens is actually doing pretty much the same than ripple and stellar looms is also improving their technology very quickly so it could be that it will be like a full competitor to ripple in 2018 so we need to take to pay attention to that as well if we have a look at ripple would I personally buy ripple again probably not because I I cannot really predict it’s very hard to estimate what’s ripple going to do over a period of time so I found this the the most hard prediction I’m going to do in this series so that’s why you know we need to know about my opinion about ripple so guys thank you so much for watching once again if you liked the video please subscribe to my channel and also hit the like button down below thank you guys so much for watching bye bye