Ripple XRP Coinmarketcap Crash EXPLAINED!

all right so let me just check a few coins in here what is going on in one SunnyD career did you feel today a little bit like that you just got on comarca capcom and so well ripple only on 2.56 cent list on coin market cap what happened if we have a look at the price action itself we can see in here wow that is a huge seller for what is that exactly I was live streaming earlier on and we were discussing this and some people actually told me I should check the Twitter post of David Schwartz so this was basically our first track to find out okay what is exactly going on and here it says coin market caps decision to exclude Korean prices from the displayed X or P price made the price appear to drop likely triggering some panic selling look closely at the data and don’t be mislead and that there are a lot of replies to that and it is actually true it does not really seem that ripple really crashed it really just looks like that those exchanges those korean exchanges where we had a very high price some people saying a too high price well those were just getting excluded so you can see right now if we go to ripple and check the markets bit tom for example which is an exchange located in south korea you can see that there’s a little star in front of the price which is $3 a tea and obviously if you have such a high volume getting traded on that exchange well the price is getting adjusted more to that price than to let’s say a price which is over here which is 0.26 percent volume where the price is only two point $85 here you can see the meaning of this little star price excluded but there is something else going on we did a little bit of research life on stream and we actually figured something crazy the whole market cap when I started Mis dream was surprisingly low and then we figured that well it is notches ripple that got the ax listed on coin market cap from the korean exchanges look at this if we go for es for example because I thought EU as 24% down well okay I’m gonna pick up some US maybe somewhere and then I figured by going to the markets here the exact same thing this Korean exchange in here bit hump is not going to get listed any more notches for ripple or so for us and of course when these exchanges where these cryptocurrencies have a very high price are you gonna get removed and they all have a high trading volume obviously means that on sites like coin market cap the price is gonna fall I would not be that worried right now we start to check some other you know like indexes as well you can see that the volume in here is pretty low as well here you can see as well that the price of one ripple is also just listed for $2 50 so obviously they’re also not including the baton packs change here on coin get code the exact same thing ripple only listed for $2 and 56 cent the only exchange that we found which has a realistic market cap as we speak right now was life coin here the ripple still getting listed for three dollars and sixteen cents well if you come back to this Twitter post right now your figure may be that well this is not the whole part of the story but I personally think if all these coin listings or most of these coin listings are showing the price without the Korean exchanges included what I think is not that these sites decide to not list them anymore that’s what basically David Schwartz says in here what I personally believe is that something with the API connection got changed so for example bit hump is not sending the right signal anymore to these web sites because I do not really think that this is coin market cap coin gecko and all the others in here who are basically just saying well we’re not gonna list the korean price of ripple anymore I do really not believe that but just to make that clear if that’s gonna be the case that these sites are just manipulating the price however they want I would definitely try to use other websites but so far it looks like it’s from the exchanges side and not of coin markets cap side which is good to know for me you can see that that crash which was just going down on corn market cap well in here XRP BTC on bindings for example nothing like that happened and the reason for that is that yes the price did not change only the listing on coin market cap and some other coin listing websites now I’m gonna pick one winner of the $100 worth of like going giveaway of the last video which was this one in here I agree with you that it’s best to wait and see what happens to Tron next I might also pick up if the crashes as always thanks for the great video well thanks for a nice comment and congratulations to $100 for flight and if you want to participate in all these giveaways all you have to do is subscribe to the channel turn on post notifications leave a like and the topic related comment down below and I see you guys in the next one bye