SmartCash – Passive Income With Master Nodes & Coin Staking

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hey guys what’s going on cryptid on here and today I wanted to bring you a quick video talking about one of my recent investments just a disclaimer I’m not trying to pump this or anything like that I’m just spreading the word and I’m gonna be covering like my little journey with this as I go on in the YouTube channel so I actually bought 1,100 sorry No ten thousand one hundred smart cash the other day and basically this is a decentralized privacy coin that is going to be that gives you rewards for staking and polishing a smart node and stuff like that so I’m gonna be hosting a smart node with this it cost ten thousand tokens you have to stake ten thousand tokens to do it this is gonna be my first one that I’ve ever done I did look at a bunch of other options and this is just one that like kind of intrigued me because is kind of like a wild card so I don’t really know where this is gonna go and it is a little bit of a gamble but you can see already smart cash did announce where did this go smart cash announce that they’re going to have the the nodes launched before the new year so they already have it tested and working they just haven’t released the guide and the protocol for yet so that it’s coming they said it’s happening before January 1st but basically you can see I bought in here like around Christmas for 17 I think 18 cents and after they did that tweet and stuff it just it’s been going up so people are trying to grab those smart smart tokens and right now it’s really only on crypto PIA where the only place is enough volume to grab it these other extremes are very tough so if you’re thinking about it the best your best place to go is crypto Pia and to see the volume over the last month of this is pretty impressive because a lot of it has to do with wouldn’t know it’s being launched and getting to that further so like I always say look into this it’s an interesting project to look at so I’ll I’ll link the smart cash CC down below that’s all gonna link there’s no filly or anything but come look at it that the cool thing is they don’t have a white paper they’re just kind of like well we don’t care about that we’re not gonna do a white paper we’re not gonna be gimmicky like any of these other things we’re just gonna make this community based cryptocurrency that’s based off of a privacy point it’s a fork of I forget exactly I read it in the in the white in the sorry and the like over here in the forums but uh basically they use ki kak Mon you know so you can mine you can stake and there’s gonna be smart nodes so smart modes smart nodes are gonna be used for instant transactions so that’s all they’re gonna be use for the miners are used for the normal stuff and you can see the reward allocation here so basically if you hold up to a thousand smart tokens in the wallet you get paid smart rewards so you can see here if you hold a thousand tokens for 30 days so if it’s in your wallet at the 25th of each month to the 25th of the next month they pay out instantly on the 25th based off of how many tokens you’re holding in your wallet so if you hold just this is different from the knowns but if you just hold a thousand smart cash you can see here in the month at the current price you will make two hundred and eighty-seven dollars you’ll get 5756 smart reward and you’ll basically you know sorry you’ll be in your heart after that time you’ll have ten fifty six smart and you’ll have gained sixteen dollars US dollars but really you’ll gain 56 smart so this isn’t a fair representation because we don’t know what the price is going to be you know a month from now after you starts taking them I can go up it could go down probably going to go up in my opinion because if you just like look at the trend based off the smart nose and if this catches on even just a little bit there’s gonna be a lot of smart tokens being basically held to get these rewards so the other cool thing do they have something about the nose and the website I don’t think so they do have a road map but uh you see here they do have a road map they have voting so it’s hard to explain everything but they do have voting on stuff so they have if you go here you can go here and they let you vote on projects so they’re gonna be funding community project so you vote and if you hold any smart tokens each smart token is worth one vote so you’re able to come in here and in your wallet you’re able to vote on certain things you can view the proposal and you know if good projects arise that people smart cash holders wants have fun with the pool you know that you get to vote on that so pretty interesting concept and it’s really really a community token so if you’re looking something where you can like get involved in a community that’s doing cool things and you know they’re moving quickly and getting stuff done which is what we like to see and I mean a lot of the stuff is in the forums are in the discord and I mean basically I’ll be keeping you updated on what’s happening but I’m gonna be staking 10k and the cool thing about it is when you do stake in in the smart node it cost 10,000 tokens so you you get the rewards from staking that but you also get the smart rewards on top of that so I’ll keep you updated on how it’s gonna be I’m hoping it’s gonna be like someway profitable well I’m sure it’s gonna be profitable I’m hoping it’s gonna be you know you know decently profitable because if this price goes up it’s gonna be really good because I got the tokens for fairly cheap and it does have a lot they do have a lot of circulating supply but I still see a potential for this to go up to fifty cents a dollar in the near future if people are really trying to accumulate those coins for one and two if it hits a they’ve been talking about hitting a bigger exchange so like they’re not even on a good exchange yet so if they get out of like the checks or finding fried finance this will really change things up and make it more available for people to purchase and so yeah I think that would be a big thing so hopeful thoughts and we’ll see the thigh is just a diversify a little bit and try out something new on this channel and we’ll see if it can make us a couple hundred dollars passively just by holding some coins because that would be pretty cool and then uh you know I’ll let everyone know how the voting system and all that stuff goes and of course I’ll be doing a setup video for how to set up a note if you’re interested in doing that as soon as I get it done but uh that’s all I got for smart cash I just want to share more stuff with you and what I’m doing in the crypto space on that YouTube channel hope you enjoyed this hit the thumbs up if you want to hear more stuff like this in the future and we’ll see in the next video peace