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welcome back to do news I’m your host the king of do and today we’re gonna take a look at smart cash I’m super excited about smart cash and we’re actually doing this stream live so we’re gonna wait for some people to come on in right now and we’ll get this party going so looking forward to talking to you a little bit about smart cash when I get this started right now alright and we’re back I got work on that intro there got the chat in the way there of course but gonna have some people popping in here in just a second but we’re gonna go ahead and get started as we’re waiting for people to roll in cuz really I just decided to do it live because I’ve been enjoying answering some questions as of late and you know that’s just so that’s just fun for me but I want to go over smart cash with you guys and that’s what we’re gonna do today if you haven’t heard of smart cash is a brand new cryptocurrency it’s been around for a little while and it’s got a very very strong organic team community around it that just gets me really really excited because I believe that in beds all the things that we want to believe that is good in the world that cryptocurrency can do for for good and not just for profits I think it’s a fantastic project you know that being said it has some amazing opportunities where it’s being positioned and the way it’s being used to truly maybe be one of the next big crypto currencies I’ve been following it for a while now and if you haven’t been following it here I’ll go ahead and bring that up for you right now we’re gonna switch on over to the desktop and we’re gonna take a look at a quick market cap and here we have smart cash and if you didn’t know you better know you better wake up because right now it’s at rank 108 we’ve seen many things in the past that have broken the 100 mark basically go hyperbolic and go up as high as you know ranked 40 and then kind of settle back down that’s kind of the norm if you haven’t been around the crypto world very long that 100 mark is a big deal why well I won’t lie here on the first page of coin market cap we’ve seen it happen a few times before with coins that basically actually are vaporware and there’s really nothing there they’re just pump and dumps we see that all the time but this is not the case this is the real deal you guys can actually look here if we didn’t look at even just the 7-day tart there’s things on a rampage just 12 cents a week ago I was looking at it before that back in 9 cents and back here you can actually see that it’s trailing around five six cents now look at this volume this is big volume good strong volume there are some big big buyers coming in here you can see another volume what’s triggering that volume we’ll get into that a little bit in just a moment so we’re gonna head over here and we’re gonna head smart cash gonna head back to the homepage here welcome guys oh the Harvard guys are back I remember the Harvard guys I get I am honored that anyone at Harvard would even listen to me to be honest but at the same time pretty cool to talk to people that actually understand what the heck I’m talking about and that’s exciting so I’ve got smart cash here I got my wife coming home right in the middle of a live broadcast year so my dogs probably gonna freak out here so bear with me we’re going to jump right into a smart hive here so smart hive is a brand new cryptocurrency um that is basically built with the the original ideas of a peer-to-peer network in mind really what Satoshi had in mind in his original white paper a lot of the people that have joined it that are a part of it now are joining it because they feel like you know this whole Bitcoin cash Bitcoin stuff that’s just not their deal they don’t want to develop for that anymore a lot of the other things that are out there are just so commercialized so focused on you know trying to make money trying to pump it up position itself to reap the rewards that the industry is going to give it that lost sight of its real meaning hey there’s Chewbacca hi Chewie he loves the camera guys you have to get used to this guy on camera so we got some really really cool people in the smart hive community and the more I’ve been trolling around quietly in the forums and on reddit I’ve been learning a lot about what they’re capable of doing the things they’ve already done and it’s really really exciting so let’s talk a little bit more about smart caption why you should seriously seriously consider as part of your portfolio so essentially they haven’t split up the way that the rewards work and it’s really really interesting right now you can actually earn rewards by staking in a wallet you only need 1,000 coins that’s it just 1,000 coins and that’s not too bad considering the price right now I’m at about 25 27 cents and you can throw that in your wallet and essentially you’re gonna get paid once a month you’re gonna get roughly about 7% right now on that and you can have up to 5,000 and actually get paid on that so just for holding essentially you can get paid now you have to have your holdings in by the 25th of every month okay so you missed it for this month but essentially if you hold it in there and you do not touch it you do not spend it you’re gonna be good to go the next month you’re basically just going to reap the rewards of staking now your light wallet will be confirming transactions but specifically block transactions and that’s really important that you guys understand that it’s just the block transactions because they have these things called essentially smart notes and they look they basically are going to work like traditional nodes but they’re gonna actually be focusing on a different type of confirmation you’re gonna have a confirmation that is instant it’s going to be the confirmations that need to happen right away only the nodes are going to be able to do those and they’re gonna reap the rewards from that and node right now is 10 smart cash and people are eating up nodes like crazy it’s actually why you’re seeing this massive rise in the price right now so initially it looked as if the price was going up because everyone was trying to get in so that the you know right before the 25th but actually monitoring a lot of what was happening on crypto PIA where you can trade it and buy it right now it was very very obvious that people were just buying it in 10000 chunks tons of people are buying note after note after known to support this now why is that well there’s a lot of reasons why this particular currency is really really exciting one of the main ones is that this is actually kind of like a up a fork of Vivek’s and – and if you know anything about – and you know anything about pivots you now understand the majority of the intellectual property they’ve been able to adopt into their system and that’s kind of the beauty of the blockchain world is that you know you can basically create new systems using open source code and things like that and try to create a better version of what it is you want to create if you know me at all if you’ve been around on this channel at all you know I’m massively in love with pivots always have been and that’s been quite the ride and – I have no problem with – I’m not a huge fan of it I know I would recommend it to a lot of people that you know don’t know anything and just want to hold for a long time but that being said those that have some pretty unique features that are gonna be coming over here that get me really excited about the opportunities that essentially smartcash has and definitely you’ll want to take a look at those on your owns more research on your own now one of the things I wanted to show you guys which i think is one of the most unique parts of the whole community and one of the reasons why I actually wanted to share it is they actually have this this concept called smart high and the hive is their version of their community and essentially you know you know it’s just a place for people to come together and share ideas and talk in forums and things like that and they’ve given it a nice little brand name and essentially what you’re looking at here on this screen right now are essentially proposals that have been proposed by community members and people get to vote for and against you so right here we have a launch of an event in Netherlands and they want to raise money for it and people are voting for and against it and it’s actually Sir pretty surprising it’s a 76 to 23 so I mean as our good one for split there there’s definitely some people against it and some people for it and then down below you can see that hey people want to get an official smart cash faucet going most people don’t want to faucet which is very interesting very fascinating to me and so but here’s the thing they strongly encourage this guys you definitely can come here with any idea you have for this community and propose it it’s open to everyone if you have an idea for smart cash if you believe that there’s a better way to do marketing for it if you have marketing skills come propose it if you have a strategy for a type of technical improvement to a piece of the code you know you can come here and do that I saw an interview that krypto did with a gentleman that proposed essentially a fundraiser to feed the hungry in Venezuela they can’t they were able to raise enough to do 2,300 meals and during that whole process they also paid out a ton of people a ton of people actually were able to make money make a living wage working in exchange for smart cash and that’s really really cool that’s really really exciting and that’s the whole purpose of the whole concept is this is to be a community driven 100% community driven coin if you don’t like the shenanigans of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash and that’s a turn-off to you this is for you if you don’t like the commercialized nature of – if that’s too much for you and you want something more real intangible something that you feel like you can be a part of this is for you so definitely come take a look because this gets me excited now someone was asking about a master node and master nodes right now are I’m not gonna say they’re affordable but if you were to compare against other master nodes out there and things like that as far as how legitimate this is knowing that this is about to break at any second now honestly a top 100 coin is the most affordable top 100 node you’re gonna find that’s that’s the end of the story if you have missed out on other nodes this is your chance you could have bought a pivots node at a dollar and not a dollar but a dollar per pivots and you’d be pretty happy right now and that wasn’t that long ago I was about six months ago that you could have bought one of those for about 15,000 dollars now that’s about $150,000 if you originally got a – node you’re a millionaire at this point I’m not gonna say any of anything like that about this I’m not gonna make any predictions like that but here’s what I will say is that there there there there is even the feel of a international flair to smart hive in their community that I actually have a lot of hope for this to actually find its way to root in two particular countries that need cryptocurrency is a solution I think what you guys will see over the next couple years you guys are already seeing it in Venezuela we’re talking about that earlier you know Venezuela over the last about five six years is experienced about 600 or 800 percent inflation rates people went from having a utopian lifestyle to basically starving you’ve got a massive crisis going on and what else gosh I mean they used to have wonderful beautiful Christmases just like ours and where the malls are full of people shopping and the whole thing’s a wreck you guys can go do your own history lessons on what’s been going on in the last five years of Venezuela but you know it’s a it’s a very very dark situation people are desperate and right now I’m basically income last I heard on a video recently was a income is about twenty dollars a month right now I found $20 in my wallet on accident the other day right like you know what I mean that’s unreal people are trying to survive on that down there and and part of the problem is that there is not a gateway for opportunity and that’s truly what cryptocurrency does it basically breaks down borders and provides people opportunities this smart hive program already again was able to help feed a lot of people in Venezuela provide jobs to people as a part of the project in Venezuela and that just gets me excited I want to see more of that oh Jesus unsuccessfully connected your chat disconnected please wait sorry guys if you’re trying to connect the chat right now it looks like that is down at the moment I do believe on still lives so I think we’re just gonna keep on rolling so anyhow Venezuela I’m passionate about what’s going on down there because I believe that cryptocurrency is the answer I feel like there’s a little that’s just one example of one country that’s going through that right now there’s a lot of countries right now we’re essentially money needs to be get poured in there to help set people free you can see the things like in Korea that they’re a huge demand you guys always wonder why the Korean Won prices for your kryptos are so much higher than they are here there’s not there’s basically too much demand not enough supply and people are people trying to get their money in there so they can’t even get out of the country and things like that and be able to leave with their wealth at the end of the day I don’t know which cryptocurrency is going to be the currency I feel pretty strongly however that in the sense that we could have a one-world currency with with blockchain we all know that like that’s just like it feels like a no-brainer to us you know the people that are in this space that understand this stuff we just feel like oh you know cryptocurrency that obviously one world currency it just makes so much sense well I like to challenge your thoughts on that in the sense that cultural borders are extremely tough very very tough to break and I truly believe that you know there’s the potential this is just theory bear with me my theory is this like if what if what if – is the you know North American cryptocurrency right that’s not to say it doesn’t interact with the other chains around the world and people can easily switch but just for the sake of our economy in the way that we like to do things – just works best for us in America and you know and then you go over somewhere else and you know you go to some third-world country and the only thing they use is Manero because they practically have no government and they’re trying to hide everything and then you go to somewhere else and maybe they maybe they’re still old-school and sticking with some Bitcoin litecoin action of some sort I’ve got some countries using pivots but what if what if I were to tell you smarten hive has the opportunity to be the solution be the answer in a place like Venezuela and maybe all of South America what if it becomes the South American currency of choice I’m sure that the people would love that that are part of this community and all that that mass adoption but truly they’re just trying to do good things and that’s why I wanted to raise awareness and bring it in front of you guys because they’re doing it the right way they’re doing it with good intent and I think that it’s a good opportunity to support them many of you have made a ridiculous amount of money just last year in this market go ahead and make sure you set up a node and support the cause it’s a win win win win like you’re helping create a you’re helping support and create a community that can go out and do good for the world you’re getting rewarded for it people are able to conduct their transactions and people that need to pay one another are rewarding and one another in that way and hopefully we can actually set some people free economically that would be really fantastic wouldn’t it so man I’m really disappointed at our chat is down I really really am sorry guys it looks like the chest disconnected and it’s saying please wait until we try again maybe if one of you guys can type something I can actually get some info back I’m not exactly sure what happened look I’m definitely still alive so hopefully you guys are still with me and hey here is the chat test it looks like we’re back it’s fantastic alright so I’ve got a few people in here mic the bombs here just found you through a friend great insight without the BS it’s a current price a good time to get in I can’t really speak to that okay this is all I got to say all I can tell you is that it was five or six cents for a long long time and now you’re looking at 25 cents that best to get in again a lot of the volume right here if you’re looking at the chart down here you can see this spike in volume right here on the 24th that was everyone buying locking it up so they get their dividends next month for staking since then the volume and the price did not slow down and what’s happened is is these nodes so I should I should be more clear about it my note is not set up in because they don’t exist yet they have on the roadmap and they’ve announced it and confirmed it many many times that it’s basically supposed to be ready like this week don’t know if that how true that is we don’t have an official launch date and time but if you guys are following their github you’ll see any moment some type of update on that should be able to download it get your nodes set up and start supporting the system so hey you’re awesome – man it’s good to see you guys appreciate everyone coming out to talk about smart cash a little bit so really guys I think that is it I didn’t want to kind of do a whole new segment didn’t want to spend a ton of time digging into the news there’s a ton of things that are blowing my mind right now but I really feel like I needed to share smart cash because it’s right on the precipice of that top 100 if it breaks things are gonna get kind of crazy for it I believe and most the reason why I believe it will get crazy is they they have everything in place that you’d want for a potential investment both in the short term and long term they are attracting great community members they have active proposals you can again you can do one do you have an idea for a blockchain idea right do you want you know you could do a fundraiser of sorts to help spread awareness but for the smart hive community at the same time as trying to help people around the world with with any type of issue you know whether it’s economical or just survival even it’s definitely something to be considering so I got someone asking essentially what a master node is master node is basically a little bit of software you’ve likely downloaded a wallet before right where you had to download the entire blockchain right a node is essentially very very similar to that you’re gonna have to download the whole blockchain you’re gonna need like 20 gigs or room at least or something like that it just depends on the blockchain size and then basically you’re just gonna have to leave your computer on 24/7 to run and you’re gonna need a good internet connection if you have a bad internet connection and you drop off for more than an hour you’re not going to get rewarded in it for this particular masternode you’re gonna want you’re gonna want exactly 10,000 coins right so if you guys are interested in supporting the cause maybe you’ve got some friends you want to go in together on it or something like that the learning experience is priceless if you’ve never done a master noti I definitely encourage you to do it learn about it it’s like mining only without all the ridiculous Ness of a mining machine right so for less than a price of a miner you should basically start mining this particular currency we don’t have any hard numbers and hard facts on what type of return we can expect if I remember right they’re gonna do a seesaw approach which basically means depending on basically the rewards shift back and forth to keep it even one thing that’s really important about this community this is super important I’m really glad I just thought of this don’t forget this this is critical to this community and what they believe they have an algorithm that is very new and very unique and essentially what that means is that asic miners won’t be around for a while okay also they’ve designed it using an algorithm that essentially almost any computer almost any computer can run it most of you probably have a laptop too could actually run it I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like you’re gonna get some crazy amount of money or rewards for it again you can support the the the good work that’s happening help help the transactions go through and things like that with your with your wallet open essentially and help confirm blocks that way so let’s see did I say 10,000 I did didn’t I it’s only a thousand huh whoa no no no no it’s 10,000 it’s TD it’s ten thousand a thousand is for staking you can stake a thousand and then you can stake up to 5,000 and that is to actually get your reward each month that is not a master node that is you staking it in your wallet that’s like your savings account at your bank you put it in there your bank’s gonna pay you a few pennies right so don’t get that confused okay but that’s what’s great right isn’t that cool that maybe you don’t maybe you’re not interested in the whole node thing maybe you don’t know how to set all that software up it’s new to you it makes you a little nervous maybe it’s more money than you want to invest maybe you don’t have a friend to invest with you you can throw in a thousand and then just sit back and you’re gonna make about 7% each month and you basically can’t can’t complain about that yeah that’s right Samuel 1000 to 5000 for staking so the maximum amounts 5000 on staking 10,000 for a master net you guys can kind of feel and see that you know a lot of the decisions that they made around this particular cryptocurrency was to allow everyone to be a part of it right if you really really really wanted to mine a thousand just to stake it with with one graphic card I guarantee you you can I absolutely guarantee you you can it’s gonna take a while but right then and there you’ll you’ll be able to actually stake it and start making some money the cool thing about staking though is you only have to keep it in your address you don’t actually have to leave the wallet open just has to be in the address they take a snapshot of the blockchain and then payout automatically it’s all automatically done there’s no manual it’s all built into the blockchain in the way that it functions in the way that works so those were some great questions I glad I could add some clarity to that this this smart cash thing reminds me of a lot of currencies that I do see right now on the top 100 but it reminds me of what they were a year ago where they were doing these cool things and there were these cool communities right like go look at like what vivix was posting on youtube and on their Twitter and stuff about a year ago and you’ll really get the sense of that same feeling that same momentum that same excitement the same good work being done and actual results happening and then you actually go and you look at the charts and you can see that other people are agreeing right you’re seeing the volume pick up you’re seeing the price move up with the volume as well and I can tell you guys I actually did point my miners at this as well to kind of test out you know well you know how much can you mine you know can you get a note at an affordable price is it better to mine it and I can actually tell you I definitely mind some you know I got some smart cash out but I can tell you that these little smart caches are a little bit precious they don’t come out very easily they’re not mined easily the difficulty rate the amount of people mining it etc you’re not you’re not rewarded so well for mining right now which is very very interesting so essentially what that means is you know let’s be real if you own a mining machine and anywhere if you actually have graphic cars on mining machine you’re probably in the top like five percent wealthy people of the world if you actually consider the entire planet you’re extremely wealthy you know now the people in Venezuela they don’t have access to a lot of that stuff some some of them do but you know the average person they may have a computer and things like that that the beauty that everyone can contribute be a part of the community and get involved gets me really excited and it’s all it’s the kind of coin that I think Satoshi really would appreciate hopefully he would support and that’s not to say he wouldn’t still support Bitcoin or whatever these days right guys but I think that you know at the time back in you know 2009 when we had the economic crash and it was brought forth as a potential solution I really you know you go back and you actually read about it you can even get that sense that this was supposed to be a liberating technology since that time his his genius white paper was so genius and so beautiful that it basically inspired a whole new field of tech and here we are today with things like smart contracts like not even a currency straight up full-blown programs running in a decentralized manner we’ve got people like a OS working on operating systems that are fully decentralized now things that are like so sci-fi but legitimately we might be playing within two years three years it may actually be the way that who knows I may actually stream on a blockchain someday like that’s kind of crazy right but super cool when you think about it so yeah sama I saw that correction on BTC I hope you guys are well diversified don’t be afraid of the dips be strong hold if you held some smart cash during the dip you didn’t lose a dime in fact during this dip right now you’re up 26 percent in BTC raise your hand if you like more Bitcoin I like more Bitcoin I don’t mind having more Bitcoin I hope that all of you got Bitcoin for Christmas I’m still waiting for Santa to drop some Bitcoin down my chimney but he didn’t do that for me my daughter asked for some Bitcoin and I was like hmm okay maybe a light coin hey guys get some light coin in your wallets – on these dips you know I’m saying it’s free money right now free money on these dips support lines right now for BTC if you’re curious and most of you probably don’t get too nerdy on the technical as I like to the general consensus not just my consensus but a lot of people generally that the strongest resistant point is about 8,000 dollars however there is a good resistance point at about 13,000 so if you’re looking to look you know pick up some dips that’s probably where you want to place your orders right now to kind of be picking it up along the way over the next few months while we consolidate I’m not gonna predict it goes up or down I know the general sentiment is that we’re still going to be heading up next year that I that I feel strongly about to just over the course of what you can do in 365 days knowing where we were one year ago today I don’t I think anything is possible so make sure you guys are diversified well taking a look at a lot of different technologies I’m bringing you guys a new one to look at I hope you know I hope you just consider it and research it I’m not telling you to invest in it this isn’t for everyone some of you don’t have the pockets to diversify so well that you can you know go and look at things that are even below you know the top 20 don’t forget that if you invest it in the top 100 coins on January 1st last year you’d be up about thirty-seven thousand percent whoa I would be happy with just a thousand percent right now on pretty much any investment so that’s why you guys got to make sure you’re diversifying I’m getting lots of questions now I’m gonna kind of get off topic I think a lot of people asking me about verge and red coin and all those good ones verge I like a lot I’ve always liked verge I just can’t believe it the run it’s on guys it’s like overwhelming the run that it’s on I struggled to to believe in it on that level at least that quickly and I’ve been around long enough now to see so many things go up that high and then drop not very many go up that high and stick there’s only so much room on the first page of coin market cap now that being said I’m I actually don’t judge anyone that owns it you know I might judge you slightly if you own a little ripple but I would have to judge myself because I have some too and that’s just because man if it actually is the currency of the bank’s it’s it’s gonna go to the moon but I’d sure don’t like the centralization of it yeah John John McAfee I swear I almost started following him just because I wanted to watch the show I just want to watch the show I keep hearing it after the fact and I just wanted to get to tweet and then go watch everything explode that guy’s out of his mind apparently he knows Satoshi Macanudo personally he knows who he is it’s just fantastic well I’d saw on the plan it happens to know the one most mysterious man in the world it also just happens to be a man that gets paid in Bitcoin to pump your coin so so here’s the plan guys we’re gonna we’re gonna make a coin we’re gonna call it do coin we’re gonna raise 25 Bitcoin okay and then we’re gonna call John McAfee and we’re gonna make a lot of money who’s with me you guys with me on that maybe not anyhow that guy’s that guy’s kind of little crazy but won’t lie guys right now the hype you can’t make money on hype pump-and-dump is a real thing in this space you can make money on it I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that it’s worth your time to do it’s very very risky I don’t I don’t recommend it because I’ve seen I have I’ve seen things crash so hard you guys may have not been around long enough a lot of people made a lot of dumb easy money in the last month or two and maybe you’ve been in crypto for a while but that was their big first haul I’ve set up my computer before and seen you know I was here when Ripple went from two cents to seven cents okay you guys want to talk about a ride that was one hell of a ride I saw it go from seven cents down to like four cents instantly we’re talking you know thousands and thousands of Bitcoin in an instant basically there were so many transactions that happened all in the same moment Polonia acts completely crashed the whole website crashed people’s shorts positions were blown to shreds people’s long positions were blown to shreds there is basically this massive you know thousands and thousands of Bitcoin moving up and down in an instant in a moment and all these limit orders getting trigger everything just stopped the whole website blew up went offline I actually brought it live I came online here and actually did a video on it and it was crazy it was crazy and I actually I’m not gonna sit here and say that that but in particular was a pump and dump at the time but I’m just saying be careful not all exchanges do this and you should be aware that when you actually set a limit order you’re not guaranteed that it caches out at the market price you’re just not you’re not so if there’s a flash crash like that you’re selling at market price it will execute your market price but not at what you set it up it could be a thousand Satoshi’s less than what you said to that and that tens a thousand satoshis maybe some of you were around for the great g dax aetherium crash where one idiot somewhere on this planet legitimately a complete idiot completely inept and stupid had no idea how it works some multi-millionaire on this planet had so much a theorem that he had a market order for all of it and didn’t realize that he had more aetherium than what was actually on the books he had more theorem than what was actually available to sell a guess basically he wanted to sell it and there weren’t that many orders he sent aetherium down to a penny a lot of people with orders were very happy so the moral of the story guys make sure that you have a few dollars at all times on your most beloved aetherium on your you know on your litecoin make sure you have some just way way way down there because somewhere in the world there’s someone that dumb and they’re gonna give you free money consider it a Christmas gift place your buy orders always have them up and running and just giggle that day you come home and you’re like oh well look at that I just bought a hundred light coin for 1/10 the price fantastic alright guys so appreciate you guys coming out and I’m glad we got to talk about smart cash and had a little fun too I hope you guys enjoyed it hope you learned something I hope that we can all make a lot of money and next year together if you guys haven’t seen my portfolio video make sure you go check it out I also talked about in my last stream as well my top five coins I want to go over some more coins some more things I have picked out for next year even expand upon the reasons why I’ve picked some of the coins that I did and why I picked those if I mean I can explain it pretty well why I picked those coins in those videos and those are my picks for the year those are the ones you can write down in a year from now you can come with burning Spears and tell me I was wrong and so hopefully I’m right about one of them hey guys maybe the king of do hype just went to the moon here but smartcasts it’s already up to 28 cents now so we’ve already moved on up since we’ve been here chatting so all-time high at this moment all-time high for smart cash so don’t miss out guys at least make an educated decision and tell a friend that’s the most important thing tell a friend about this channel tell a friend about smart cash educate the world share the knowledge ask questions make sure you leave some good comments and make sure that if the community leaves a question you guys answer it down below alright I appreciate you guys and again I am the king of do and I hope you guys have a good weekend this yeah it’s a holiday weekend right so hopefully I’ll see you again before the year ends but until then I’m the king of do and may the force be with you

SmartCash Crypto: Decentralize Everything – PoW/Masternodes/Etc

what’s up everyone she’ll be here today I want to talk with you about a newer currency that recently hit the market called smart cash smart cash is a very interesting point that’s already loaded with quite a few features it’s a key CAC proof-of-work algorithm coin that’s only CPU GPU Meinl features an interesting staking system within the wallet called smart rewards and it’s got a very active dev team working on the roadmap so let’s go to the side and go through it a little bit and you’ll see why I’ve taken interest in mining this coin and becoming part of the community first off the site is very well made and begins describing how their community coin and how you’re in court encouraged to join their slack group your slack group is very active as I’ve joined and asked questions in there already and the community’s been very supportive and have answered all my questions quickly and efficiently so just go down you see a description about what is smart cash and talk about some of their features these include smart hive renew smart rewards and instant pay instant pay is still under development as of now but the other features are already going so smart hive is the name of the community that will control the future of the coin you can access and see what the smart hive group is talking about in the community forums at forum dot smart cash CC and it has a forum member you can obviously make your own input in the forums next up you have what’s called renew or smart renew this is a privacy oriented tool that’s built into the wallet where you can burn your old coins and have new coins sent directly to you I made an analogy and the slacker that’s basically the same as getting an old dollar and trading it in for a freshly printed bill so this makes 100% certain that your coins cannot show any prior transaction history you would go into your wallet and then you go over to renew you’d put the amount of coins that you want in it and you press renew smart cash you’d wait about six to ten minutes and then you can reclaim these coins and they’ll be sent directly back to your wallet it’s pretty cool feature now for the third feature and probably my favorite smart rewards smart awards are an innovative staking style reward system basically you have to have at least a thousand coins in your wallet on the 26th of each month and hold them for 30 days on the 25th of the next month you will receive a percentage of the coins in your wallet these coins are actually generated from 15% of the mined monthly block rewards this is great for me because I’m mining and holding all of my smart cash as of now so let’s go ahead and check out the road map as you can see the smart cash team is working on a pretty intense road map these features include master nodes or smart nodes instant pay adaptive blocks wallets and other payment features the adaptive block feature is interesting because from what I can gather it’s based off a – philosophy of the lower the hash rate on the network the higher the block rewards the higher the hash rate on the network the lower the block rewards this would allow stability on the network by maintaining a steady hash rate not too much not too little this will also help out the smarter Ward’s featured by maintaining volatile percentage rate rewards and help the payment processing time be more stable so way you can get smart cache is a few different ways you can download the wallet and you can start mining via GPU you can also mine via CPU I believe but it’s not really worth it you would definitely want to get a Nvidia and graphics card or multiple cards to start mining on it you can also purchase off of a few exchanges I would recommend crypto piya over all the exchanges that are listed below hopefully in the future they get lift up more exchanges to allow a bigger footprint and smart cash on the network and that’ll be very good for the coin so last but not least why do I like smart cash GPU friendly and let the current hash rate my rewards are very good I’ve only been mining it for a few days but I really like it the smart reward staking system seems like a really great feature it’s a new coin that’s got a really good dev community and road map and it’s got potential to be a true payment processor in the crypto community so I suggest getting into smart cash buy it mine it hold it use it I can almost promise it will return some great rewards for you in the future and you really don’t want to miss out on this one so that’s about all for this video if you enjoyed it like subscribe and share I’ll be putting out more crypto content on the regular so I will see you next time

SmartCash | The Next Big Idea In Cryptocurrency?

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be talking about smart cash I rarely hear it mentioned around YouTube or reddit or really anywhere not many people are talking about it which I don’t understand why I just think it it is a sleeping giant right now it is gaining some attention but not much so it finally broke into the top 100 recently it is at 84 right now market cap of 56 million well if we go down and look at the chart it just got started about a few months ago in July I’m so it’s pretty new and it is just on a roll recently it is above its ICO price it pretty much from you know October first the beginning of October on it is just on a steady incline it just keeps reaching new highs it had a crazy one up the other day right there but if we go look at their website real quick we can learn a bit about smart cash so what’s cool about smart cash is it is a decentralized currency there is no core team it is ranked completely by the community they have wallets for most operating systems and a web wallet that just came out what’s cool about smart cash like I said is it’s decentralization that is a huge huge point to smart cash that’s a huge advantage like we saw with tezo’s recently you know the top people fighting each other of who owns the company or whatnot you don’t have to worry about that here another cool thing is the privacy aspect you can burn your old coins and they change them for new coins with no history using the zero the zero coin protocol they have smart rewards which is a huge bonus I think this is the reason why a lot of people will get in to smart cash are the rewards if you hold at least a thousand smart cash in your wallet from the twenty-fifth of a month to the 25th of the next month you will get a bonus and it has been pretty decent in size thus far like 20 to 40 percent bonus on your money once a month that is awesome and it does also have instant pay here super quick transactions one thing that sets smartcash apart from all of its competitors in a few of them are like this but it is completely owned by the community 80% of the block Awards goes towards the smart cash community what they call the smart I’ve to fund them all the new projects that are coming out through the smart cash system they get voted on by everybody people are proposing new projects all the time and they get voted on by the community and the winning projects are what get these funds to go forward and there’s been some really good projects that have been pushed forward one of them that I want to talk about which is very unique I think is a humanitarian effort that they pushed forward in with they set up a food drive in Venezuela which I just think is so cool this is their slot channel right here the smart cash news and if you click on it you can see what they got going on here this just happened the other day I just think that is so cool to use the block rewards something to allocate some of that towards efforts like this I’m surprised this has not been talked about more I’m sure it will be the more they do projects like these but yeah guys I just think that is so cool you rarely rarely see that stuff with crypto currencies they you know they they’re getting it done they’re pushing the project forward and also doing really cool things on the slide like this so watch out for it guys if you want to get into smart cash I highly recommend getting into it before the 25th of the month so you can get those bonuses next month and if you do I’ll try to leave over for a link down below but that is all for now I’ll see you next time if you aren’t subscribed just subscribe down below guys it’s right down there you can also like up the video and I’ll see you all next time

SmartCash – Passive Income With Master Nodes & Coin Staking

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hey guys what’s going on cryptid on here and today I wanted to bring you a quick video talking about one of my recent investments just a disclaimer I’m not trying to pump this or anything like that I’m just spreading the word and I’m gonna be covering like my little journey with this as I go on in the YouTube channel so I actually bought 1,100 sorry No ten thousand one hundred smart cash the other day and basically this is a decentralized privacy coin that is going to be that gives you rewards for staking and polishing a smart node and stuff like that so I’m gonna be hosting a smart node with this it cost ten thousand tokens you have to stake ten thousand tokens to do it this is gonna be my first one that I’ve ever done I did look at a bunch of other options and this is just one that like kind of intrigued me because is kind of like a wild card so I don’t really know where this is gonna go and it is a little bit of a gamble but you can see already smart cash did announce where did this go smart cash announce that they’re going to have the the nodes launched before the new year so they already have it tested and working they just haven’t released the guide and the protocol for yet so that it’s coming they said it’s happening before January 1st but basically you can see I bought in here like around Christmas for 17 I think 18 cents and after they did that tweet and stuff it just it’s been going up so people are trying to grab those smart smart tokens and right now it’s really only on crypto PIA where the only place is enough volume to grab it these other extremes are very tough so if you’re thinking about it the best your best place to go is crypto Pia and to see the volume over the last month of this is pretty impressive because a lot of it has to do with wouldn’t know it’s being launched and getting to that further so like I always say look into this it’s an interesting project to look at so I’ll I’ll link the smart cash CC down below that’s all gonna link there’s no filly or anything but come look at it that the cool thing is they don’t have a white paper they’re just kind of like well we don’t care about that we’re not gonna do a white paper we’re not gonna be gimmicky like any of these other things we’re just gonna make this community based cryptocurrency that’s based off of a privacy point it’s a fork of I forget exactly I read it in the in the white in the sorry and the like over here in the forums but uh basically they use ki kak Mon you know so you can mine you can stake and there’s gonna be smart nodes so smart modes smart nodes are gonna be used for instant transactions so that’s all they’re gonna be use for the miners are used for the normal stuff and you can see the reward allocation here so basically if you hold up to a thousand smart tokens in the wallet you get paid smart rewards so you can see here if you hold a thousand tokens for 30 days so if it’s in your wallet at the 25th of each month to the 25th of the next month they pay out instantly on the 25th based off of how many tokens you’re holding in your wallet so if you hold just this is different from the knowns but if you just hold a thousand smart cash you can see here in the month at the current price you will make two hundred and eighty-seven dollars you’ll get 5756 smart reward and you’ll basically you know sorry you’ll be in your heart after that time you’ll have ten fifty six smart and you’ll have gained sixteen dollars US dollars but really you’ll gain 56 smart so this isn’t a fair representation because we don’t know what the price is going to be you know a month from now after you starts taking them I can go up it could go down probably going to go up in my opinion because if you just like look at the trend based off the smart nose and if this catches on even just a little bit there’s gonna be a lot of smart tokens being basically held to get these rewards so the other cool thing do they have something about the nose and the website I don’t think so they do have a road map but uh you see here they do have a road map they have voting so it’s hard to explain everything but they do have voting on stuff so they have if you go here you can go here and they let you vote on projects so they’re gonna be funding community project so you vote and if you hold any smart tokens each smart token is worth one vote so you’re able to come in here and in your wallet you’re able to vote on certain things you can view the proposal and you know if good projects arise that people smart cash holders wants have fun with the pool you know that you get to vote on that so pretty interesting concept and it’s really really a community token so if you’re looking something where you can like get involved in a community that’s doing cool things and you know they’re moving quickly and getting stuff done which is what we like to see and I mean a lot of the stuff is in the forums are in the discord and I mean basically I’ll be keeping you updated on what’s happening but I’m gonna be staking 10k and the cool thing about it is when you do stake in in the smart node it cost 10,000 tokens so you you get the rewards from staking that but you also get the smart rewards on top of that so I’ll keep you updated on how it’s gonna be I’m hoping it’s gonna be like someway profitable well I’m sure it’s gonna be profitable I’m hoping it’s gonna be you know you know decently profitable because if this price goes up it’s gonna be really good because I got the tokens for fairly cheap and it does have a lot they do have a lot of circulating supply but I still see a potential for this to go up to fifty cents a dollar in the near future if people are really trying to accumulate those coins for one and two if it hits a they’ve been talking about hitting a bigger exchange so like they’re not even on a good exchange yet so if they get out of like the checks or finding fried finance this will really change things up and make it more available for people to purchase and so yeah I think that would be a big thing so hopeful thoughts and we’ll see the thigh is just a diversify a little bit and try out something new on this channel and we’ll see if it can make us a couple hundred dollars passively just by holding some coins because that would be pretty cool and then uh you know I’ll let everyone know how the voting system and all that stuff goes and of course I’ll be doing a setup video for how to set up a note if you’re interested in doing that as soon as I get it done but uh that’s all I got for smart cash I just want to share more stuff with you and what I’m doing in the crypto space on that YouTube channel hope you enjoyed this hit the thumbs up if you want to hear more stuff like this in the future and we’ll see in the next video peace

Smartcash – What is Smartcash

with the growing community lots of people are talking about smart cash but what is it let’s find out smart cash is a secure fast private fungible community governs a digital currency focused on merchants adoption but let’s break that down alone this video is an overview of smart cash but when you see this symbol it signifies that it’s another video covering the topic I’m currently discussing but in greater depth so if you’re interested or you require further explanation pause this video and watch the other video before resuming smartcasts approaches privacy and fungibility by implementing zero point features allowing users to burn all coins and have them replaced with new coins with no transaction history this is simply the digital equivalent of trading in an old dollar bill for a brand new one and it can be done by the click of a button straight from the smart cash wallet this is extremely important for privacy and in order to be considered fully fungible or in other words for there to be no difference between one unit of smart cash in any other one unit of smart cash security speed and the immutable nature of smart cash is provided by the use of blockchain technology block teen is the data structure for storing transactions in a secure decentralized network this despairs database has no centralized point of weakness pervading a hack proof peer-to-peer network governed by mathematical rules and protected by cryptography smart cache was launched by the community in order to offer a truly decentralized currency where every user has a voice and can participate it’s an evolution of proceeding digital currencies such as Bitcoin where Manor centric governance models have resulted in per being in the hands of the few rather than many smart high voting is how that paradigm is flipped community proposals are published and then voted on with one smart cast being one vote the first major project approved by the smart cash community was an aid project to help feed starving people in Venezuela a country ravaged by economic and political turmoil resulting in massive food shortages this altruistic act and the that was the very first major project approved highlights that smart cash is truly different and then in the hands of the many great things can be achieved anyone can submit a proposal and if the community deems that worthy funding is provided via the community fund so where does this community funding come from from block rewards when a new block is created by a thousand smartcasts are awarded in Bitcoin this reward will go solely to the menos as do all the voting privileges which results in the imbalance of power we see today in smart cash only 5% of the block reward goes to miners 26% goes towards essential technical development and 54% goes to the community funds to finance worthy proposals this really underscores community development being the priority and the remaining 15% is rewarded to holders of smart cash to promote long-term holding through price stability mechanism smart rewards and more smart casts just by holding smart rewards are distributed to users that have held their coins in a wallet for at least a month this incentivizes a more long-term approach to encourage greater community spark has already has a growing number of merchants accepting smart payments but its focus is exponential growth in this area the ultimate aim is for smart cash to be usable all over the world for any purchase one would require fast cheap scalable and borderless payments make an attractive proposition for merit ins there are many ways to join the smart cast community you may simply want to buy hold and vote or you can even earn smart cash through regular content and social media bounties offered by the community alternatively you may have a great idea you feel will help the community you can propose it to be voted upon engage with the community on the forum and social media to find the option that suits you best smart cash is an incredible project grown organically with an active community committed to a truly decentralized model financial gain doesn’t have to sacrifice fairness or inclusivity and can be a force for good smart cash is already up thousands of presents is launched and it’s still a very new project one prominent cryptocurrency of lagann is over the opinion that smart cash could eventually be one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap and I’m inclined to agree go to the smart cash website for further what do you think about smart cars start the conversation in the comment section below and don’t forget to Like share subscribe and click the bell for more alerts see in the next video

Smart Cash: Why This Coin Could Be In The Top 10 Soon / Name Bazaar / Coinbase & GDAX- Bitcoin Forks

[Music] hello everyone and welcome back to cryptos news so good to have you guys here live we have people like Damian roughly Roni Dee ABS GaN scorpion Lopez who says first cacilie arrow of course thank you man for being here blunt news thanks for the patient guys guerilla rain Kevin we have quite a bit going on of course we’re finally getting that nice sloshing today of the altcoins we talked about yesterday well they seem to be going up and taking some of the market value from Bitcoin not that Bitcoin has suffered greatly at all so generally a pretty good day for the markets I’m happy to see that some coins that went down by a lot are coming back up and we’ll see how this continues this trend really exciting period Before we jump into the topic I want to cover today smart cash that I’ve out to to cover a little bit for you guys let’s go ahead and talk about some of the news real quick so ah the main thing that I want to cover is we’re hearing from coin Basin G Dax concerning the Bitcoin gold fork that happened yesterday and their opinion toward that so I got an email from both coinbase and G Dax / had you did perhaps you did as well where they said that they won’t be supporting the Bitcoin gold hard fork at all whatsoever due to security issues instability issues and that could change in the future based on the man from the community and if the coin survives and and if the market value for Bitcoin gold stays pretty good now we’re continuing to see the price for Bitcoin gold drop it started off around $400 and since we’re seeing it now around 200 something dollars so kind of dropping away support for that and I’ll continue to update you on what is going on we’re in regards to that situation itself let’s see what else here guys so yeah the main thing I wanted to cover as in this video is a smart cache so before we get into that also let me cover a little bit of name bazaar so name bazaar is a service that allows you to trade your aetherium domain service domains or buy one on an on an auction system just like eBay so if you’re not aware it’s pretty awesome that you have the ability to use something called the etherium name service to buy yourself a domain service on the etherium network just like you would on the regular internet so instead of buying a dot-com or net or a dog org they Nick Johnson and company built something called the etherium name service or ENS as most people call it which is decentralized name service that you guys can can buy a dot F address for whatever wallet address you have and link it to something so for example if you don’t want your donation address for your YouTube videos your blog posts to be 0 X 5 y 2 3 P or whatever it is a really long string addresses it could just be something as simple as Britney Abigail 13 dot F if your name is Britney Abigail so that has been around for a little while now and it works on the auction system where you can bid on a domain name and claim it within a certain period and you have to go in there and reveal it and it’s pretty exciting right to be able to eventually own your own domain and get ready for the internet and owning these domains on the etherium network before everybody else does right so people are buying Christmas F people are buying everything dot F guys shout out to you crypto to crypto DC and everybody else here in the chat thank you greetings to all of you but yeah so I think it’s really incredible that today we’re hearing about this name bizarre so basically on eBay so you guys can trade these domains that you might have purchased for yourself or pick one up now so you basically if you know how to use eBay is what they’re saying then you know how to use this service you can automatically watch different names so if you want any sort of domain that is like related to Christmas you can automatically get a notification on your phone that’s pretty neat you can bid on stuff see what the current auction is at sell stuff sell your own domains and it all works in decentralized format via smart contracts to transfer ownership of that domain so make sure you check out the the new name Bazaar service if you are interested now we’re gonna get into the juicy stuff that some guys have have how many of you have been asking me about which is smart cash so smart cash to jump right into it you know it’s one of those coins that is actually looking really really interesting to me and so I’m gonna present it to you thank you decentralized the shoutout to decentralize who’s always here in the shots in in the chats donating and he kind of filled me in a little bit about what smart cash is and so I want to pass that knowledge forward to you guys so let’s go ahead and take a quick look at what is going on here together so let’s see we’re looking at smart cash let me see if you guys can see this I believe you can so smart cash right now it’s currently at a forty three million dollar market cap so nothing too low but really not that high yet I think it’s one of those coins and I’ll get into why that could very well hit the top top ten at least the top fifty and as I currently rank 98 right now so not that much volume in the last 24 hours but it’s a really exciting coin for the community and let’s see why but first of all look at this chart right here I mean it’s showing a clear uptrend have this nice spike up here and it looks like it’s about to return to the average right here so might be a good point definitely not investment advice I just want to definitely say that but just looking at this line right now which I ran into right before making this video it looks like just from a trading perspective like an interesting coin to be holding for the near term so let’s go ahead and hit the website what is smart cash so this project was made basically a community project they don’t even have a white paper to be honest which kind of deterred me at first I kept looking for it but I realized it was just it’s really a community coin and so the even the thought of writing a white paper to them was just like you know it was too corporate in a way for them and they’re really trying to stay grassroots so this is a kind of zero coin fork so uses zero coin protocol which is one of the most private encryption methods for crypto currencies that currently exists using these elliptical curves and zero knowledge proof that ucz cash doing you see zen cash doing ucz classic doing and really it takes that privacy and it also layers on some of the awesome benefits you see with something like – so the ability for the community to fund different proposals and to allow people to get paid in smart cash just for doing something really awesome to the community and get rewarded right out of the blockchain or one of the most exciting things which is something called smart rewards which allows you to basically keep 1,000 smart cash in your wallet and get rewarded in like a dividend or an airdrop every single month just for not moving 1,000 smart cash from your address and you get rewarded for it out of a little bit of out of the block reward that comes out of there Soper looks pretty exciting and it also has a proof-of-work algorithm that is resistant to ASIC mining chips this kick sack key can you pronounce it K ECC ACK I believe it is and it’s an algorithm that they have not made yet the ASIC chips for but you know they could be available at some point let me make sure we’re all still good in the future so not ruling that out before right now it should be good if you have a graphics cards and you want to mine it however it’s really about the community as I mentioned before so they’re giving something like you see here the block reward split the miners only get 5% of the block reward so they’re very small part of the equation but they are still part of the equation so I think you do need some sort of economic and sensitive incentive to people who are validating transactions so that is extremely interesting only 5% of the miners however they’re giving 80% to the teams and to the community so pretty much most of the money goes toward funding the teams that are developing the project to the to outreach in the community and to different projects so it’s a proposal so you guys could say yeah like we said it with – I am going to be climbing the Empire State Building while wearing a smart cash t-shirt well you guys shoot me five grand in smart cash out of the next proposal and if it gets approved then you get that smart cash as long as this hopefully you continue you actually do what you say you’re gonna do and what’s interesting is that if you’re holding once more cash that counts as one vote so you don’t need to be running like with what like two is the case with something like – 1000 – which is very very expensive these days in order to get one vote you can get a vote by holding one smart cash so that’s really exciting there in order to open that up for people and also you’re looking at this decentralized governance structure using these HSTs as high governance structures whereby if teams get to about 8 members they can expand and then hire more people and so you have not just one corporate top-down structure but really kind of like a hive where you have the community in charge of everything it’s really everyone instead of just one party in the center which i really like these hive structuring teams also you have this smart voting we just covered and the smart rewards which are paid out on the 25th of every single month automatically basically if you hold 1,000 smart cash in a wallet and you do not move it let’s say you put it in on the 24th of the month you won’t get it on the next day you won’t get on the 25th you’ll have to wait at least a month before that payout so what they do is they take a snapshot and they see which wallets have 1,000 smart cash on the 25th and one month from then they go ahead and they give them a reward which is equivalent of 15% of the block rewards a pretty significant there and actually more than mining so it’s it’s almost like a proof of stake where by locking something up and and decreasing the supply available out there you’re actually giving value to the market of smart cash while also getting a dividend reward for not moving it so that’s pretty exciting as well and so if let’s say on the 24th you were to put 1,000 smart cash into your wallet you would get it in about 31 days your smart cash as reward however if you put it on the 26 so the day after the snapshot which happens on the 25th then you would have to wait about two months or 60 days about before you would get that reward so we’re seeing that today is a 24th there might be an interesting time actually I just noticed the day to begin to get into smart cash since you’ll get their order in about a month and this is also spectacular here this renew feature which is already live and what it does is something I haven’t heard of done before I don’t know about you guys let me know which is that they take if you want to basically make your coin super private and hidden and you don’t want any transaction history because it automatically does have transaction history if you’re using smart cash you can look at the block and you can see where coins are moving and that’s great for what they’re trying to do which is mainstream merchants adoption so you can use this smart cash platform for micro payments for small tiny payments that are fractions of something for perhaps watching something for a second you could charge for that using the system or if a merchant wants instant payments like you can see down here it’s gonna be instant it’s gonna be blazing fast is what they’re trying to do I don’t believe it’s live just yet but they’re trying to make it instant point of sales you don’t want to have to wait 10 15 minutes for confirmation when at a gas station or at a supermarket paying for something you want it to be right away so they’re saying this is actually gonna be faster than Visa or MasterCard or any of these payment processors that currently exist but this renew feature is wonderful because what it does is you’d say I want to delete my transaction history on these coins it’ll basically take your coins send them to an anonymous address and then create new coins for you in that moment with no transaction history and therefore you get to keep the privacy of your finances in some more cash so that’s also rewarding to have and they’re saying you know it disables tracking from services like coin firm which we know like to actually look even at private supposedly private blockchains and analyze what they’re doing and they can track individuals like that so if you are interested in privacy this is also a wonderful coin for that instant pay as we talked about this is the road map that they’re looking at right now and you see that they already have renew the small rewards are live already they did I believe the first payout last month web wallet over here so you can already access the wallet I believe the West website is wallet dot smart cash dot CC you can create your wallet out there you can get to voting and they’re gonna be working on mobile wallets Nexo on your phone that’s gonna be great instant pay after that smart notes I’m interested to see what that is adaptive blocks and then merchants tools so that’s like the big mainstream area up here but I do feel like this is a coin that you have the but you have the ability to get in on the ground floor as I said this chart looks pretty good there is quite a supply left to come in but the fact that you can lock them up for a long time is great especially if for example you have it’s only six cents for a token right now you want to get a thousand of them and then just get a nice reward over time and even not even think about it maybe you’re invested in a bunch of different coins and you just want to see which one’s gonna go up at least you’re gonna get a bunch of extra coins just for holding this one and I think that’s positive also it’s wonderful to see that they help the community to grow by literally funding proposals which I’ve talked about when I was at the – conference is one of the most exciting things in blockchain right now that is happening which is the blockchain itself is paying out to grow its own network so it’s basically giving away stuff for free and I like to see projects that give and therefore get because it’s all about community and this is one of those coins that I’m seeing from the community has a good vibe about it has that growth potential and has great governance with excellent features built into it right away aiming for the mainstream so I can’t see based on their current track record why they couldn’t be much higher and they’ve already done a lot of stuff and I’m curious to know what you guys think what do you guys think about smart cash let me know in the comments below let’s go ahead and take a quick look at the chat and maybe there’s something I missed there maybe you’re a fan maybe you’re not such a fan let’s see why okay yeah Jackie frontier crypto doesn’t do sponsored videos anymore I do not do sponsored videos and I was not paid for this and they’re actually speaking of sponsored actually there is something whereby if you were to make a piece of content a blog post longer than or a video longer than 30 seconds then you can actually I believe they’re having a bounty right now or you up to them you put a link to it and you can get a reward of between I believe 50 smart cash and 1000 smart cash so not bad right there you can get your own wallet just for writing something on steamin or whatever it is about some more cash so that’s an easy way to get some free cash right now but yeah I mean maybe I will put a link to this video to them and say hey loads of small cash can I please get some small cash I would like some small cash but I have not been paid to do this video at all okay so crypto Haven says what do you think is the best coin for big cash generally if you want to I mean that’s a good question I can’t never promise investment advice I have no idea right now I’ve looked at a few coins so if somebody actually the guy that created the software which I used to mine a theory on before or Z cash when I used to mine Z cash in Z classic his name is FX minor FX minor on Twitter yesterday said have you taken a look at bitcoins EBT z or BTC Z and I looked into it and I realized remaining something like 2,500 coins every 2.5 minutes of their blocks something crazy and I thought this inflation is huge I mean you’re seeing what I think I did the numbers it was something like 300,000 a day being created and I said you know this is a scam I mean clearly it’s for the miners so even though has a low market cap it’s not a good coin but generally what you want to do is find a good coin that has a lower market cap you know not in the hundreds of millions not in the billions preferably under you know 50 million if you can find a good coin with a good team then you’re gonna be I I think doing really really well but I think smart cash itself due to this video has a lot of potential to be honest I’m not just saying that but looking at it I I literally looked at a bunch of white papers yesterday and I read and looked up information on a bunch of teams and this was the only one that to me was like oh let me go ahead and share this because this looks like an interesting project and I would like to share with people even if it has a little bit higher of a market cap you might not get as big of a return as you would betting on the real biggest coin in the lower market cap but this one looks really really interesting and they’ve already done the work and they continue to do so Zen cash also I really like thank you David oh yeah thanks for the shirt comment yeah Alberto trust the ledger resist this is from crypto King clothing he shot me some free shirt so you can get a link in the description below if you’re interested in picking up some of his awesome awesome shirts and please tell jay I say hi if it gives you like a note section down there oh yeah cuz he’s been a supporter of this channel forever and he always sends me shirts just to wear so I appreciate that half my closet is like – shirts and crypto King clothing shirts now where is Wallace at somebody wants Wallace uh yeah would you mind be gold I would not mind be gold I’d rather mine smart cash right now or Zen Cash that’s probably what I’ll be doing okay guys so I’m going then cash is the yeah everybody wants the balls in cash I love Zen cash I’m telling you I was mining Zen cash at day one I was telling people about Zen cash which was a fork of Z classic which was a fork of Z cash I was mining Z cash day one then I saw Z classic had less than a million dollar market cap I said guys this going in this coin is probably gonna go insane you might want to look at it and sure enough it shot insane and then it forked into Z into Zen and now Zen cash has just an amazing community Jain Olympic Lippincott Rolfe robbed some really cool people and they’re trying to keep it grassroots again just like we’re seeing with smart cash it’s all about the community so about the vibes and you can also make proposals to them and get yourself funded if you’re interested with Zen Cash I don’t get funded by them specifically but I like the project I like the team and I continue to follow it it’s a coin I definitely like Dennis Turk smart cash has a value of five billion go Neil yeah a max value of five billion but that’s over time and that’s also gonna be locked up but yeah definitely something to consider which is does have a lot of inflation coming out again Sean Sean I didn’t get paid by some more cash for this advertisement I just wanted to share with you guys looks so different everything looks dark-themed engaged with the Alienware laptop haha yeah we put a nice warm light from behind to be the backlight so that’s why things look a little bit different let me know what you guys think about the lighting as well I’m gonna wrap this video up guys because I’m doing up another video right now I’m getting ready for you which is finally the introduction to cryptocurrency video which is gonna cover a lot of the basics basically my girlfriend Elle and I talked about cryptocurrency and some of the basics and asked questions and answered and gave tips about the best exchanges and a lot of opera I’m you know basic opportunities and questions people tend to have and we did a video buddy at the YouTube space Los Angeles which is the first ever a cryptocurrency video shot in official YouTube location so that’s really really exciting we use their nice high-end equipment and we’re excited to share that with you it’s gonna be up in about 36 minutes please give that a like please share that video to everybody who’s interested in getting started or if you’d like to check it out maybe there’s something you haven’t heard before but you’d appreciate it so please get the word out subscribe if you haven’t below and we’ll continue to give you guys the best opportunities possible so you can position selves well you want to be guys will be at ethereal summit and on Friday so we’ll be driving tomorrow might not have time to make a video but much love to each and every one of you we broke fifty six thousand subscribers and I think it’s because we keep giving we keep giving honest crypto knowledge that’s what this channel is about no money from icos just honest information as we move toward this better future so resist and much love peace guys [Music]

Smart Cash Review – Smarter Cryptocurrency for a Smarter Future

hey guys how’s it goin as the cryptolocker Wellington here today we’re gonna be talking about smart cash a very interesting project that we’re gonna looking at just what exactly smart cash does what are some the projects they’ve been involved with recently what the communities like what are some of the really interesting features of smart cash after a quick shout out to everyone who has been hitting that like button of course everybody who has been subscribing to the channel if you’re not subscribed to the channel yet make sure you hit that button up down below to stay up to date with all of the latest in the crypto space furthermore this is of course not professional financial advice guys this is just a dude documoto cryptocurrencies on the Internet oh let’s check it out now smart I’ve incentivized decentralized community cool what’s that mean what does it do well smart cash is actually a really interesting project they’ve got the zero point protocol so this makes it a privacy coin now that’s actually done through a particular feature on their wallet called renewing basically the coins get burnt and you get issued with new coins with different history basically new history actually fast transactions of course that is the norm now in the space to be honest if you don’t have fast transactions you must be Bitcoin now the interesting thing here is actually the focus on community if you look at the block rewards only 20% are going to their smart rewards program actually 15% go to the smart rewards program 5% go to the miners which is a fractional amount it’s really really small an 80 percent 80 percent are going to smart hive and a high of teams that is to of course fund the development of the project but also to fund community initiatives advertising charity stuff like this so they’re really really community focused really focused on giving back creating a big war chest basically to give back into to continue to develop smart cash make it the best cryptocurrency that it can be of course now they’ve got a governance mechanism another work and getting in wallet voting going on not quite ready yet at the time of recording this video but they are working on getting that moved forward basically one smartcash equals one vote pretty simple idea and of course anybody is able to vote which is nice now it is a decentralized network of people working on this so they’ve got what’s called hive teams basically the whole idea here is that they don’t want to create cult of personalities and look there are definitely some cryptocurrencies that suffer from cult of personality litecoin and Charlie Lee for example yeah we all love Charlie I love Charlie but it’s you know he’s a big figure in the litecoin space you know and everyone looks to Charlie for information and updates and all these things smart cash doesn’t have that doesn’t have those personalities that they put forward all there of course there are dedicated people developing it working on it all the time and as part of these different hive teams pretty interesting pretty interesting really the way they’ve structured their community is great lots of independent pieces coming together to make a hole of course this comes back to their whole analogy about this kind of being like a big beehive of you know ingenuity and connectedness now really exciting thing here is smart rewards they are trying to stabilize their cryptocurrency in order to do that they are incentivizing of course holding your the cryptocurrency so they have a smart rewards program currently the rewards at like seven point six percent so if you have 1,000 smart you will have extra 76 smart every time there is a reward now the rewards process lurks works like this you have to have it locked up in your wallet for 30 days every month on the 25th they do a snapshot and basically issue out rewards based on that now if you buy on the 24th no deals remember you gotta have it locked up for 30 days you buy it on the 27th we have to wait almost 60 days to get paid out so you have to have that locked up for 30 days please do keep that in mind you need at least 1,000 smart which currently is pretty easy to do it’s only about a hundred bucks and a little bit of change us in order to get a thousand smart so very reasonable and actually pretty decent payout the long-term residual income and especially a smart cash continues to rise potential there is even higher so that is very cool you cannot come over here and run the calculator to if you want if you are already a smart cash holder you probably know about this we can still come over here and check out and see what the potential rewards are for you so that is pretty cool and that’s paid out and monthly now I like their wallet got multiple addresses on your wallet so this is your spending account remember you have to have your smart cash locked up for 30 days so you can actually have two different savings accounts on here so you have smart rewards one and smart rewards too so you know say you’ve got a savings account and you don’t want to mess with that but you get one that well I’m saving but sometimes I might in to use it that could be your smart rewards to account for example so that is really cool to see that kind of ease of use already thought into it and speaking of easy use this here is awesome all you need is a user name to send smart cash it’s my user names the crypto lark all you need to do type in the crypto lark send cash that’s awesome that is really cool obviously cryptographic addresses are nice but for a lot of people it seems confusing or you know it’s too easy to make mistakes and I guess you can make mistakes typing in a name too but never the less this is a nice feature and I’m glad to see them doing that anything that can make cryptocurrencies a little bit easier for your average person is a good thing if we have a look here at the roadmap they’ve got a lot of features I’ve already come out smart hi voting actually has been has been done but they’re working on the in wallet functionality that’s still I think mobile wallets still come smart nodes will be coming that will require a 10,000 lock-up instant pay is coming after the smart nodes of course adaptive blocks and point-of-sale this is one thing they’re focusing on trying to get smart cash being used as a point-of-sale payment settlement form so that would be really powerful if they can actually get retailers to start using smart cash that would pretty awesome now the smart nodes do require 10,000 smart per node plus the other technical features as well that is really cool a thousand dollar node is not bad price at all of course that’s based on the current prices if by comparison a – node at the moment costs about eight hundred thousand dollars so to get in now on smart cash Kansas smart cash be the next – maybe they should just shorten it smash smash smash and dash would be fun who knows we’re gonna look at the use cases and the areas where smart cash is becoming popular where they’re focusing on but if they can get even a quarter of the value of – Wow running a smart node getting it for a thousand bucks now cool remember a year ago or a year and a half ago the people who got – no they got them like five thousand six thousand dollars look at the growth on that amazing so this could be a real opportunity you know nodes have a great potential for paying out and of course the smart rewards program is fantastic too so if you have eleven thousand smart for example you need ten thousand for your node and then you can have a thousand just sitting in your wallet gaining you that monthly interest so very cool stuff here now they are really focusing on Latin America in Africa Eastern Europe Roma talk a little about those different markets and potentials there let’s have a Venezuela first they are the fourth cryptocurrency to get added on the only legally compliant crypto exchange Venezuela wow that’s really interesting that puts smart cash really in front of people’s faces in Venezuela and go wow this is one of the crypto currencies that I can buy that’s really cool I’m gonna buy it I’m gonna use it they’ve been doing outreach programs in Venezuela they actually had a charity run where they fed and like 2500 people as a community proposal but they also of course talked about smart cash when people came and sat down hey by the way this was funded by smart cash what smart cash less value so that’s very cool and they’ve also had a conference in Venezuela so they’re definitely getting the word out in Venezuela obviously there’s a lot of potential reach across South America you know places like Brazil would be ripe for this to come in as well Africa they have been really focusing on Africa a lot Ghana for example there’s if you look through the list of proposals in the forums they’ve got proposals for lots of different countries in Africa francophone Africa English Africa english-speaking Africa of course you know over in the Caribbean they want to you know get it pushed into Jamaica a lot of potential here and of course Eastern Europe is a massive potential market for them as well places like Ukraine Belarus hungry Greece Georgia Armenia whatever I mention all these places because if they can gain a foothold in any of these countries that’s massive let’s say the smart cash becomes the preferred digital currency of Venezuela and look I know digital currencies are cross-border and international and all these things but the reality is if you are walking through the streets of Venezuela and every other retailer accepts smart cash that’s huge or if you’re going down the streets of Ghana and every retailer accepts smart cash you can pay for your taxi in smart cash and these kind of things that is really really big it’s all about finding use cases is about finding places that are ready for the tech ready for the community to come in and do it and with the massive amount of funding the smart cash has through their block rewards system or 80% of every block is put into the fund into the war chest to help advertise the help market to help get into these new markets they have a lot of potential here it’s a very exciting project smart cash you can come over here and now check the forums out as mentioned you see a lot of the pre proposals for example and they’ve got a good focus on charity to public service campaign and donation for helping polar bears cool and other polar bears polar bears cool now let’s talk about the markets smart cash currently a little under 50 million u.s. dollars back up to about 10 cents at the time of recording this video and I have recorded this on the 13th so marks might have changed substantially by the time I release it but the maximum supply will be 5 billion currently we’re a little over a billion for the total supply again that is issued out via the block rewards currently the block reward is five thousand per block its bracelet angel’ amount but that of course will deflate over time as we get closer and closer to the max supply if you do want to pick up some smart cash for yourself crypto Pia or hit BTC are your places actually that Venezuelan exchange isn’t even listed on here so that’s quite interesting clay market cap actually doesn’t have quite a few different exchanges listed on here some of the top ones without a doubt but then there are lots of little ones that actually get missed you’re on quite market cap but if you do when it gets weird a crypto P a rock over to hit BTC and grab yourself some smart cash preferably sooner than later because as they continue to move forward there is a lot of potential for this one to really pick up in some different places and look there is big competition – for example is massive – ones to be doing point sale – wants to be a new PayPal – has got private send as well – is super well-funded you know even though there the reward for – that goes to funding – isn’t as big the fact that – is a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency means that it doesn’t have to be as big currently they have a lot more money to spend and the guise of smart cash now there’s lots of other competitors in the space – but I think – is probably the best comparison here extreme community focus here with smart cash whereas – yeah they’ve got the nodes set up for community voting and stuff like this but at the same time you know – has really gone corporate and you know if you’re anti corporate well a smart cash is your honey if you don’t mind corporate well a – they’re rocking they’re gonna do really really well and they have been doing really well they’ve seen a lot of their value comes through but it’s a top cryptocurrency it’s a very safe place to invest if you’re gonna invest in smart cash it’s a lot farther down the list that’s a little more risk here you know with the potential for rewards quite big very interesting project smart cash let me know what you think about it in the comment section down below long live the blockchain and peace out til next time guys you