Substratum Price SURGES! Is It Too Late To Buy Substratum Cryptocurrency?

how’s it going everybody it is kanoa back from after-school hustle and today guys I’m just gonna be talking about sub stratum for a little bit it has actually gone to the stratosphere I am so hyped to bring you guys this video today so last night guys substratum hit a new all-time high of nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-one satoshis substratum on a US dollar level reach around a dollar and 38 cents which is just crazy I could have not seen this coming so soon I did believe we were gonna break a dollar in the upcoming couple of weeks but never imagined this guys currently on Finance guys it looks like substratum is consolidating pretty hard right now at least on the 5-minute chart this is this seems pretty healthy and I do believe that this means we’re probably going to either break out one way or another pretty hard you see that we’re kind of coming in very tight very tight at least on the 5-minute chart so it’s been pretty tight for the past hour so I’m not sure how much trading is gonna be done on Christmas but I do believe you are happy to see another moon here soon ah this is not financial advice I’m not telling you guys to get in but if you guys want to go watch my previous videos on substratum definitely go check them out that they are trying to decentralize the web that is pretty much what they’re trying to do and with the repeal of net neutrality I found I found that this was going to be pretty big so I put in a pretty hefty investment into substratum back around the twenty five hundred twenty seven hundred twenty-three hundred uh something like that something like that range for substratum and now we’re pretty much we hit a four times four times that a high that was four times that just last night and that was only over two weeks guys I didn’t fumble by and to verge with my subscribe Holdings I held onto substratum and I ended up doing pretty well I mean if I did film will buy into Virg early on I could have made 20x right but I was like no I’m not going FOMA bye I’m just going to hold on to a project a project I believe in and it paid off guys so I’m happy today merry Christmas to everyone guys another thing that was funny is a finance is literally making the dreams of people come true they have a Lamborghini giveaway this is just why I love my Nance honestly they have all these giveaways it kind of messes up training honestly with Tron there there’s a lot of market manipulation with the Maserati they’re giving away and I believe they’re also doing something like this for tnb I don’t even know what that coin is but there’s probably a lot of market manipulation there and then with Monaco will probably pump up to new highs the mark is gonna be moving a lot it’s gonna be very volatile over this next week from Monaco but if you guys want to go win a Lamborghini guys you can go you can go win a Lamborghini right here it’s either a Lamborghini or 4,000 Monaco tokens so I mean there’s a there’s a pretty big difference between the two honestly although I guess 4000 Monaco tokens isn’t terrible either but I mean you could win a $300,000 Lamborghini so that’s crazy guys go check it out if you guys want to join finance this is just a quick video guys telling you guys that it’s not too late to join the substratum train I’m not trying to shill subscribe them to you guys I just I believe it to be a pretty great project they have the beta coming out very soon we see that there’s even a sign up application already I signed up for the application for the beta this morning so go check it out guys I believe this is gonna be pretty big the thing that I like about substratum and why it has so much room to grow guys is that it’s already up about 200% in the past two weeks or so through 300% in the past two weeks or so and there’s not and Abeyta isn’t even out yet guys the beta still has to be carried out right and once that goes live if that successful substratum could be could be really huge honestly for a lot of for a lot of different reasons so go check it out guys another thing that I really like is their their social media a lot of people are very involved on the red there’s a bit over 5,000 people there and then substratum network actually has about ninety ninety eight thousand followers on Twitter which is pretty crazy they’re also running a lot of these giveaways guys on over on their substratum Twitter page so we see that they’re currently they’re giving away two thousand substratum tokens to eleven winners they were giving away iPads and other stuff like that so it’s a great team they’re they’re really looking to get the word out there about substratum their marketing guys over at substratum are awesome another thing that I’d like to point out guys is that data – actually went and interviewed with them he actually was sent out by the subscribing team to talk about their project and this is just these are many these are some of the many reasons why I believe it is undervalued still even though it just got a pump recently but it’s consolidating guys I believe are probably gonna be headed to the moon once again another moon mission going off soon but if you guys want to check it out go check it out it’s still only on two exchanges if it gets listed on bid tricks I think we only be listed on bit tricks after the beta is completed so that can also have another price pump there so there’s just lots of opportunities with a substratum project if you guys want to learn more about the coins that I’m kind of trading on a day to day basis and picking up I made a nice call on Cardinal last night I was like yo guys and this is all my telegram group right so I’ll be linking my telegram group in the description down below as well as the comment section so you guys can go join my telegram group I I was telling my the guys in my telegram group that Cardinal is probably gonna pump pretty soon and sure enough guys like twelve or so hours after I sent this out to my telegram group it’s up about fifteen percent now so I’m just I’m just trying to help you guys out I don’t have any card on oh it wasn’t for me to gain from it was just to help help my subscribers out and my viewers I just want you guys to have the best possible methods for wealth creation and I’m just trying to help you guys make as much money as you can but that pretty wraps up today’s video guys merry Christmas to all thank you very much for watching if you did enjoy please consider dropping a thumbs up subscribe if you’re new and make sure you hit that notification ball to say up-to-date with all of my latest videos if you guys did not notice I did not I do not have any background music today because some people in the comment section were telling me to turn it off so let me know if you guys have any other background music suggestions because I have been using that one song a ton recently and I am and I would like to have background music but I don’t want you guys to be annoyed by it as well so I hope you guys have a fantastic day Happy Holidays thank you very much for watching as always this has been ki killer from after-school hustle and I’m out peace to many custom I mind I can’t sleep at night so I just keep writing I don’t need no help I don’t need opinion so don’t wait for time then I just been living online my city don’t show me no nothing that’s fine but local radio stations I got my plate then all of these rappers combined I’m doing them going again I’ve been goin and I’m fed up with so many things