Substratum (SUB) 2018 price prediction – Creating the decentralized web

what’s going on crypto family Quinton here and welcome to young investing sold from last week onwards I’m doing this price prediction series on my channel and which I actually give like a little picture about the project and a price which I think it will reasonably hit by 2018 the end of 2018 so it if we look to the top cryptocurrencies right here I covered the most important ones for me personally the ones I like the most litecoin I did reply did Bitcoin litecoin ripple Yoda NIM and neo I did so far but I also want to talk about some smaller cryptocurrencies which I also like a suit today I want to talk about substratum as you can see in the title obviously so substrate um is only 95 on corn market Capcom and what a substratum substratum is basically a project that wants to create the decentralized web so the internet we know today but then a decentralized version away from the regulations etc because as we know also last week net neutrality got ended in the US so that’s a very bad thing for the Americans but they have alternatives such as substratum they are actually creating a totally decentralized version obviously there need to be some regulations as well because there are bad things on the internet as well let’s think about terrorism child porn for example these things but the team behind substrate also thought about this as well so there will be some regulations but there will be very basic Bobby free internet there are some competitors for substratum as well and these competitors the most important one is made safe they are doing quite the same not totally but it’s very similar to what substratum is but the difference between made safe and substratum is that made saves a lot bigger 322 million market gap and substratum has a 140 million mark capture that times two and a half and still stratum I personally think that but also IT people think that subscribe them as a way better technology is a way better concept and it’s just it can go up much higher than made safe simply in terms of investment even if the ik market capture would be the same then I would personally still say that substrate em has bigger potential than made sake because it’s simply a lot better and the future is much brighter for some stream simply personally I hope a lot of substrate I bought an IC o—- already that’s all so when I started covering it on my channel I bought a 10 cents in IC o—- so that was IC o—- price and then afterwards when it wasn’t a dip I bought a lot more so my portfolio is actually a haul substratum so it’s actually not balanced at all but if I have to think about my portfolio and I look at substrate m and a price right now I think and every price I see it’s still one of the best potential cryptocurrencies even now it already went up times 6 from IC o—- times to elif when I bought extra and still I think the value or the potential of substratum is the is actually more than any other cryptocurrency so why should I sell a bit and put it in other cryptocurrencies when there is still so much potential for substrate and why well it’s actually in my opinion one of the best investments still you can do today so that’s why I was actually don’t sell for now and I actually told myself that I won’t sell until $1 in the beginning but I already changed that if we look at the potential substratum and watch it is what it is right now then I think substratum will hit $8 and that’s also the price on which I will probably sell a bit only at $8 I will sell a bit and that’s at times 13 from now and if we have a look to the circulating supply then we see 226 million sub and you guys take me to take in mind that’s sick the million of this will be burnt and it will be burned one substrate and will be listed on vectrex so this means that 25% of the total circulating supply will be burnt which means that a market cap will to stay the same that the price should already go up 25% which makes it around $8 80 cents from now but then the market cap if it wants to go timestamp from now so to 1.4 billion dollars and taking this into consideration that there will be 25% burns then the price would be $8 it’s simple as that so the market cap times 10 the price of every sub times 13 that’s what I think subscribe will hit by the end of 2018 so if we have a look at a market cap of 1.4 billion then we will see that it’s very reasonable because right now 1.4 billion would make it the number 24 on corn market Capcom which is reasonable for now but probably the market is also going to grow next year so I think actually that the entire top 50 will will be higher than 1 billion I think that around place 50 that’s absurdum needs to be able to get that by the end of next year so that would mean that’s that every cryptocurrency on the market right here needs to have more than 1.4 billion so I hope the market grows a lot that substratum also grows a lot but I think it’s very reasonable that substratum will come to the 15th place even 40 place but with a market cap of 1.4 billion that’s really reasonable by the end of next year taking everything into consideration as I said IT people they are also saying this idea of substrate and the technology behind it it’s revolutionary it doesn’t exist it simply nobody ever made what substrate and made in terms of technology and take this together with the project in general the concept then substrate in is simply a winner for me personally so that’s my opinion about substratum obviously if you also want to invest the substratum you should do your own research and not blindly and listen to what i’m saying right here because i’m also not an expert I’m just a guy talking about cryptocurrencies so you should do your own research but that’s it about to stratum 1.4 billion market cap $8 per sub that’s times 13 and price from now onwards thank you guys so much for watching that’s it if you like my channel then you should do thumbs up on this video and also press the subscribe button down below leave your suggestions about next price prediction videos in the comments down below thank you guys for watching Cheers