Top 5 under $5 cryptocurrencies for 2018 (IOTA, Substratum & more)

what is going on guys it’s Quinton here thanks for tuning in at Yonge and investing before we start big shout out to all subscribers of my channel I really really appreciate all of you if you’re not a subscriber yet hit that subscribe button down below and if you liked the video hit that like button as well also thank you for people following me on Twitter because I just hit over 1,500 followers on Twitter so it’s also a little cool achievement anyway in today’s video we’re going to do my top 5 for 2018 under $5 so the 5 cryptocurrencies that are under $5 which I like the most and we’re going to do it this in a totally random order let’s say we’re just going to start with the one with the biggest market cap and then we go to the one with the smallest market so it’s in a random order it’s not like we start with number 5 and go to number 1 or something like that it’s just a 5 once I like the most under 5 are okay let’s get started the first one is nib so name is as you know one of my favorites and was also one of my favorites in 2017 I’ve put it on my second place as an altcoin in my top 5 for 2017 and guess what it was the second biggest altcoin gainer in 2017 I personally bought at a 1 cent and right now it’s 1.67 dollars so I made a very very great profit in 2017 still holding a lot of NIMH what is them basically for me personally it is the best technology out there all round so as a platform it’s very very easy to create tokens on them it’s just a few clicks a few minutes and you can create your own token on them as well as it can handle up to 8,000 transactions per second with the new catapult release it is tested up to 8,000 so that’s more than all the rest we see in the top 10 cryptocurrencies so basically technology is very great and also what is super cool about name is that you can send text messages with your transactions so that is also super cool which makes it for me one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies as well because it went up so much this year but it never never had a high so basically people some big people recognize the value of NIM well I think the big crowd doesn’t really see what the potential is of NIM because I barely see someone talking about it even though it was the second biggest gainer in 2017 so men best overall technology for me very user friendly easy to use platform I mean it’s just all around super good so we’re going to the second one right now which is Yoda and also you guys should know by now that I like Yoda a lot Yoda is not working with blockchain technology but it is working with the tangled technology and the tangled technology has some different advantages over blockchain technology so basically the tangle technology of Yoda is infinite scalability so basically there is not a problem of scalability such we have actually we have very hard times with the scalability of Bitcoin and helium and iota just basically have an infinite scalability so it is super super easy to scale super easy to do a lot of transactions per second and also what is also big problem of Bitcoin right now are the transactions fees and for iota and at that angle technology this is zero so there is no transaction fee at all and the infinite scalability makes it for me one of the best ones out there as well it is still holding on rank 10 and I hope we will keep seeing it in the top ten because iota really deserves it the price right now 3.94 since it went up a lot since it came to the market iota also one of my favourites for 2018 then the third one we’re having here is dragon chain and I recently invested in Dragon King and I called it to you guys as well I think it’s only a week ago maybe a little more than one week and I call it to you guys at 85 cents so I also bought around 85 cents which was I think it was here or something or here so 85 cents and immediately it it took a very very good bull run and it came up from 85 cents to right now 3.43 u.s. dollars again 35% increase today it is very very undervalued right now still I think they can easily get a market cap off a few billion dollars also it’s still not on big exchanges yet it’s only on cue coin which is not the best exchange out there I bought mine there but yeah I guess it will be very soon on other exchanges as well I see it coming to two by Nance very soon it’s a typical project for buy Nance and Dragon chain what is it it’s also a platform on which ICS can be built but it’s actually aiming on companies to work with so a lot of companies are already working with Dragon chain they are already there from 2014 developed by Disney in the Walt Disney offices and actually let this year into that last year it’s already 2018 but in 2017 Dragon chain went independently from Disney the entire team left Disney and went on their own but they are already together from 2014 their technology is really on point and the very good thing of this platform compared to other platforms such as neo aetherium ma’am cordana us named them the great thing about this is that it has a lot of anonymity which is actually a must lately since a lot of these platforms can easily be tracked the transactions I mean so dragon chain is actually a very great nology in terms of scalability in terms of transactions per second block time as well as anonymity which is very important right now and that’s why I also think that dragon has a very good chance to compete with the other platforms so drag chain I still like it such a lot and I’m holding it for a longer term as well then we’re coming to the fourth one which you already know about and that is sub stratum and subscribing today to end up 41% and substrate is my biggest hauling of my personal portfolio after that it is dragging chain but substratum is my biggest holding I hold a lot of it so subscribe them I really really hope it’s going to do well in 2018 I think so because very soon you’re going to start with the beta tests with a small team there are already sending out there are notes whoever wants to run a note can do this and you can earn sup with it if you run a note and that’s how they want to create decentralized web so basically like the web we know right now they want to do the same decentralized version with notes all over the world that are connected with each other and IP addresses changing constantly so you never got tracks and you actually have never have a regulations so that is basically a good thing it’s very good for for for countries such as the US which also have the net neutrality thing right now which is actually it’s done right now with the net neutrality so they voted against it so this regulation just can be regulations on the US Internet as well so China Russia Iran or Korea you named him there are so many countries which put on regulations on the net and subscribing is solving this and now with the u.s. coming also in this list of countries who need substratum I think they are really going to blow up and we see this already at charts as well so I’m substrate in right now 195 US dollars it went up a lot today so that is sub stratum and that’s my number four or my for one anyway then the fifth one and last one of this video is a Wahby and I think I didn’t talk about Wahby not even once to you guys it also went up 23% today has a value of 3.0 for US dollars but Wahby is very cool even though it’s only ranked 155th so Wahby is basically you can track every good in the food supply chain so basically if you buy something in the grocery store in the supermarket you can just win an application you can scan and it has like a little tracking system on the product and you see where the product has been and what happened with the product so you can basically track everything of the product so it will be impossible to manipulate the food the the goods to to fake goods for example so you can see that they’ve been in China if you order something from the US I just say something and so it’s actually a pretty good idea me personally I’m not yet investing in Wahby but they are very promising so I might consider to buy some Wahby as well in the future but I’m not too sure but anyway it’s a very very great project also the tracking system is designed that way that it’s impossible to to destroy or manipulate a tracking system because it then simply work don’t work anymore so it’s pretty cool I hope a lot of supermarkets a lot of grocery stores starts using this tracking system and then we can see you I’ll be going up such a lot because it’s such a great thing and it aims at a multi-billion even trillion-dollar industry it’s aiming on that so I hope Wahby we’ll make it true so that’s why I also believe in a lobby guys that is it that’s my five picks for 2018 which is curved currently under five dollars probably by the end of the year none of them are going to be under five dollars anymore I’m pretty sure about that so thank you so much for watching once again if you liked the video hit that subscribe button down below also the like button and follow me on Twitter and steam it and Facebook and whatever you want so guys thank you bye bye