Purevids (VIDZ) Price Alert, Chart & News on BitScreener.com

[Music] bit screener provides a screening and charting tool with news compiler of the whole crypto market to search for a crypto just enter the symbol or name of the coin into the box search and then press Enter you will see the detailed page of the crypto with real-time price chart forum and news within the chart you can switch between the chart types from candle to bar and line chart you can also change the timeframe with a chart to one day or all year bit screener has a special feature called chart gallery it shows all charts with different time frames of the crypto within one page back to the technical chart you can add or remove the technical indicators of the chart by one click for example you can insert the full stochastic indicator into the chart and easily change the parameter of the indicator show or hide each indicator recent views allows you to view the list of the kryptos you recently browsed below the chart is the fundamental information for the coin including the market cap website white paper etc there is a discussion and forum section that shows the Twitter and reddit posts corresponding to the crypto then there is a list of crypto exchanges that trade the coin the new section compiles all the news relating to the crypto the homepage of bit screener gives you the overview of the whole market including the real-time price of Bitcoin trending Kryptos crypto gainers and losers it also features the market news and the movement of the whole crypto market via heatmap one advanced function of bit screener is the screener the screener allows filtering coins according to hundreds of criteria such as price market cap ages or trading exchange under the screener you are allowed to view all the cryptos from different perspectives such as basic view descriptive view or chart view the coin news tab compiles updated crypto news from hundreds of mainstream media around the globe that help you stay up to date with the market there are still more features to come please check out at bit screener com you