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welcome back to the Crips are calling news today we are gonna be taking a look at ripple XRP and said it’s starting to sore from news of a new partnership but before we get into this video do not forget to subscribe and turn on post notifications because here on this channel we do three to five cryptocurrency news videos every single day so if you’re a cryptocurrency investor or you’re just interested in the cryptocurrency space then subscribing is definitely not a bad move and then let’s start a conversation down below in the comment section are you still holding ripple XRP are you about to take out a new position with all the this new FOMO and news out there or are you going to be selling your XRP on this new high let me know down below in the comment section let’s start that conversation up but okay let’s look at the market guys since this morning we’re making some serious gains we’re at seven hundred and thirteen billion dollars with 53 billion in trade volume so that’s up from about 650 billion in the wee hours of the morning and up about six to seven billion in trade volume so some good news from ripple might bring some new investors into the market and some new excitement into the market as we can see the sea of red slowly turning into amount a 30/70 split maybe a 4060 split so Green is starting to come back here as you guys can see and in some of the smaller crypto currencies in the top ten like ripple a card a no stellar we’re seeing growth again and even I notice so this is very interesting the market is slowly starting to turn back around it’s taking a very slow u-turn almost like a semi u-turn so basically hopefully over the next 72 hours 48 to 72 hours we’re gonna see the market recuperate as you can see bitcoins recuperating it’s at 14300 it got as low as $13,000 yesterday so this is good news for the market and also really good news for ripples so let’s look in the ripple so right now ripples sitting at 2 dollars and 20 cents it got his high this morning is I think 235 I want to say let’s go on the one day as you can see it skyrocketed to 220 I think it got to 230 on buying ants for a little bit but over the last seven days this coin is dropped off from its high highs over here in the 330s and dropped all the way down to as low as I want to say 168 so I actually snatched more of this up last night just because I had a feeling I’m like this coin is gonna go somewhere again I always believed in ripple and XRP I stashed up about half what I used to have and I still have a lot of my coins and nibbly oh I basically took away my position in vibe last night and I took out my position in Lobby last night to put it into Ripple I didn’t take away any of my nibbly oh I still hold all of that and ripple now those are my two biggest holds so right here we’re at 220 so I bought in last night somewhere around probably 180 I feel like that’s where I bought in so we’re around 220 and we’re seeing serious growth now who did they partner with well the part the company they partnered with was MoneyGram a Dallas based company and they are going to start testing out the XRP technology so let’s go to this article so this is very interesting I’m only going to read the first couple of excerpts just because I find it very interesting so the move is significant because the arrangement involves the use of XRP ripples digital currency which has a recently soared in value but also face questions about its practical uses so this is going to be a proof of use guys and if they can prove that they can do well by such a massive company I feel like a lot of partnerships will be right down the road and we’re gonna see people lining up to partner with XRP in the financial world the partnership will see money grand pilot the use of XRP through a new ripple service called ex rapid designed to provide liquidity to financial institutions in a release announcing the news the company’s toted the speed and efficiency of XRP so this is MoneyGram stating this extra PT means the most efficient digital asset for payments with transaction fees has just just fractions of a penny compared to Bitcoin fees at about $30 per transaction similarly the average transaction time is only 2 to 3 seconds for XRP with the other top digital’s ranging from 15 minutes to an hour now there’s other digital’s out there that get 2 minutes or like around a minute or something but yes ripple XRP is the fastest so they basically said this was a very strategic partnership with MoneyGram and they are hoping to demonstrate XR pees ability to for lower cost money transfers between friends and families so I think guys if they are able to prove that XR piece technology is as good as they tote it to be we’re gonna see a lot of financial institutions line up to partner with Ripple and we’re gonna see this price rise now how high could we see it go well just from this MoneyGram announcement I don’t know how much legs this is really have obviously it’s really early in the morning I’m recording this at 9:30 so it leads me to believe potentially we could see this price rise over 250 today that would be a stretch but there could be as so much hype around this and when people get off of work or maybe they get to work they start trading in this currency immediately knowing that it’s going to moon shot and then the more proof we get from MoneyGram if they release press releases over the next few weeks about how XRP technology is working for them maybe if it’s good news then we’re gonna really be seen this price skyrocket and I think a lot more partnerships will follow and we will see ripple push that $5 price point that it should have a long time ago and if it becomes a financial institutional staple then maybe coinbase will list it too so there’s so many things that can happen with ripple I held about 5,000 of these coins right now and I’m hoping to see some good returns and I think we could see a $5 Ripple before the end of q1 if everything goes well so let me know guys what you think about ripple XRP and their partnership with MoneyGram are you holding in have you sold it are you gonna sell it at a high are you gonna buy in right now and see if it does get to the $5 before the end of q1 let me know in the comment section down below don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed and also follow us on twitter guys script aucoin news with a-z the link to our Twitter is down below in the description at the bottom of the description box but we tweet about a lot of different things here on Twitter so if you’re not following us so yeah definitely check us out here on Twitter we reply to a lot of you guys we try to start a conversation every single day about tons of different cryptocurrency news stuff so definitely give us a follow but thank you guys so much for watching and until the next video happy trading and good bye

Sell Your Ripple? – Why is XRP Price Dropping? – Is Ripple XRP Dead – Ripple XRP CryptoCurrency News

welcome back to cribs our koi news today we are gonna be talking about the status of ripple has a lot of XRP holders are freaking out as they saw the price plummet more than a dollar overnight there’s an explanation for this and I’m gonna clear up all of the ripple acts RP Fudd that is out in the cryptocurrency news space right now but before we get into the video guys don’t forget to subscribe and turn on post notifications so you never miss a cryptically news video here on this channel we do three to five cryptocurrency news videos a day so if you’re a cryptocurrency investor or you’re interested in the cryptocurrency space subscribing is not a bad move and all so let’s start a conversation down below in the comment section are you guys still holding your ripple XRP at what point do you plan on selling out if you do hold if you’re not holding Ripple what coins are you holding and what coin should we be taking a look at here on crypto coin news but guys I want to be honest I sold my Ripple yesterday before the supposed crash to take a stronger position on nebula I talked about that in my video that went up around 1 p.m. CST about investing $90,000 in a nebula I took out my ripple profits and went all in on nebula it’s a currency I truly believe in a currency I can see go to the moon in 2018 over $1000 in 2018 is my prediction with nebuloso I did sell my position on ripple but I still strongly believe that ripple will be a 5 to Ted dollar currency before the end of 2018 we could maybe see a 12 dollar currency as well it just depends how strong the market is and the market has risen since its crash this morning and witnessed low as 640 640 billion but now we’re back to 724 billion now let’s go over ripple and what happened to this currency over the last 24 hours so let’s go into the one-day as you can see normal stability around 339 a lot of people believe this was the price and then you see this cliff right here it is about a 20 billion 21 billion dollar market cap drop off which really severely affected the price of ripple XRP now let me explain how this happened basically coin market cap dot-com has decided to exclude as you can see with these asterisks the price that the ripple is going for in Korea the Korean Won is sincere versus seriously inflating the price of all currencies so as you can see price excluded coin market camp has decided to exclude all Korean Won transactions from their website from market cap from volume and that’s why you’ve seen volume go down and market cap go down today here on coin market Capcom now when people saw this happen they didn’t know that coin market cap did that and as they were waking up this morning and saw ripple sitting at 264 they decided to panic sell-off and we saw ripple go as low as about 207 people but that back up though and we’re sitting healthy at 2:45 now guys if you just use coin market cap to get your price points up until today you were looking at inflated prices that’s why coin market cap made this move they excluded the Korean Won from everything and it gives more realistic prices as you can see by Nantz is selling this for 243 that’s very realistic to this price point yesterday when I sold it was right around 270 it was like 270 271 and as you can see this is just the normal price that that’s what it always has been on buy Nance for about the last four or five days it’s been going for about 270 so it’s never been up here on Finance at like 350 when it hit 380 that ones have anything abidance it was probably 330 so it’s always been inflated because of the Korean Won but US exchanges and other countries exchanges have always been listening this coin right around $3.00 to 270 over the last week so I sold out at 270 took my profits I got in under $1.00 so I was very happy but I still see this coin going a lot of places let’s look at the reddit so as you can see on Finance the price has always been pretty stable it never actually went down there was some sell-off here from people panicking because they saw on coin market cap the price dropping so this just goes over yeah the market never really dipped it’s just coin market cap correcting itself it’s been inflated in below two numbers for a while now then there was a sweet from David Schwartz he said coin market caps decision to exclude Korean prices from the displayed XRP price made the price appear to drop likely triggering some panic selling look closely at the data and don’t be mislead now we were talking about this on our Twitter if you guys are following us on Twitter yet it’s crypto coin news with a Z where the link is in our description box down below it’s at the very bottom of the box definitely follow us on Twitter because we’ve been talking about this situation since this morning let’s address the market crash right now the market is fine clean market cap has decided to remove Korean Won from the market which brought the market down over fifty billion dollars then caused a panic so hold your positions the market will bounce back and I tweeted this when we were around about a six hundred and fifty billion dollar market and now we’re at seven hundred twenty two billion so the markets bouncing back a lot of weak handed people got nervous this morning seen a lot of these coins dip but that’s just because the Korean Won was taken out but then that caused a real panic sell and people sold their positions took their profits especially people that might have seen two or three times games that were holding in hopes to see three or four times gains they just sold out and took their profit in this little panic dip without doing their research that’s why if you see a market dip guys do some research on it see why the markets dipping see if a certain country banned crypto currency see if it’s just a coin market cap correction because a lot of people sold their positions and aetherium got all the way down to like 980 dollars and it’s back to eleven hundred bucks every currency is gonna be rising again because people that truly believe in crypto and aren’t here to just turn a quick profit are going to reinvest on these dips a lot of you guys ask me is it smart to reinvest on these dips should I be getting in right now that’s all to you I’m not a professional financial adviser but as you can see in a sea of red a lot of currencies are down but nebula is still up 68 percent today obviously it’s being affected I totally did earlier today if you’re getting into nebula one of my strongest recommendations is just to hold because this coin shot up to fifty one dollars this morning went as low as about right now thirty eight dollars and has built back up and people are taking their profits guys you got to remember this coin was an eight dollar coin two or three days ago so basically at eight dollars people are taking their profit at fifty dollars they’re taking their five six times gains on their money and they’re leaving this marketplace those are gonna be the people one daters that are saying man if I want to help my position in nebula I would be a millionaire right now regrets regrets cuz this coin has a 500 million dollar market cap guys two hundred seventy million in trade volume on a weak market day on a day where there’s a lot of market doubt with such a low supply I think this coin is going somewhere you know I’ve talked about this coin a lot today and over the for days because I bought in about four or three four days ago but I just believed in it as you can see in a sea of red very few coins are seen gains these are all under 10% gains then we have a 12 of 17 a 23 now guys remember nebula is down here at like 60 something over 72 it’s dropped a bit so we’re saying 72 we just got to blow up this this trade volume and get this market cap up and we were sitting right around 63 earlier today so I think we have big potential to get to that billion dollar market cap won’t be my Wednesday with nebula maybe Thursday I don’t know what this market dip is going to do I don’t know what type of in uncertainty it’s gonna instill in people or instill in people but as soon as people get educated and no one happened with the market they’ll be back as you can see aetherium has passed ripple here it’s in the number two spot more of the strong currencies people are infusing their money into probably freaking out about these altcoins so we might see Bitcoin rise and aetherium and even litecoin go on the rise today we’ll just have to keep our eyes out for these stronger currencies see if they rise up the ranks but like I said give this a couple days guys during Christmas we saw about a 200 billion dollar market cap reduction and we bounced back over the course of five to six days I think we’ll see that again we’ll be back over 800 million maybe in the next two days and then trainings will be resuming as normal people will trust all coins again as soon as they know what actually happened and then we’re gonna hopefully see coins like nebula over a hundred dollars by the end of the week that’s my big goal I’d love to see that but guys thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe and turn on those post notifications and hit that like button if you found it informative and also don’t forget to follow us on twitter guys crypto coin news with a Z or the link is down below in the description box at the very bottom but thank you so much for watching and until the next video happy trading and good bye